What 4KB of IBM Memory Used to Look Like [pic]

If you take a moment to think about it you cannot help but be amazed at the huge leap forwards we have made in computer technology over the years. Especially when you consider that when the first computer ever built took up an entire room and required countless numbers of operators to function and nowadays you can fit a pretty powerful computer into something the size of your cell phone.

This photo is another way of showing just how far computer technology has advanced. This photo shows what 4KB of antique IBM memory used to look like. The antique memory was discovered by Lindsey Turrentine in her grandfathers barn.

Amazingly as Lindsey Turrentine points out that the photo is 692KB so that means if you wanted to store this photo using the antique IBM memory then you would need to find another 172 of these memory units just to display it.

You would probably need a large truck to carry those memory units around as well.

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[via - gizmodo]
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azzazian says:

lol, would like to see 8 GB of those inside my laptop!

baracuda says:

From what year??