Website Lets You Hire Pretend Girlfriends for Strange Things – Only $5

I am sure that when most people reading this article regarding a new website that allows you to ‘hire a pretend girlfriend’ they will automatically think the obvious. Well, get your mind out of the gutter because that is not supposed to be the kind of hiring that this new website is offering. is a new website that allows you to hire a pretend girlfriend for some of the most bizarre purposes you could imagine. I am guessing their are plenty of you out there thinking that you, yourself, can imagine some pretty bizarre purposes and are about to head on over to  Before you go it is worth mentioning that the bizarre purposes we are talking about include such things as texting you, giving you relationship advice, doing your homework for you and even telling you how big your willy is. You can even use your pretend girlfriend to make your ex jealous or even break up with your present girlfriend.

You get the option of using your pretend girlfriend for all of the above and even get her to throw in the occasional sexual innuendo all for the bargain price of $5. At that sort of price you need to ask yourself can you afford not to? If you are looking to hire a pretend girlfriend for something a little more bizarre then you are really going to have to dig deeper in to your pockets.

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