Video Gamer Dies in Internet Cafe and Goes Unnoticed for 9 Hours [video]

On Tuesday, Chen Rong-yu of Taiwan died of a heart attack in a New Taipei internet cafe after playing League of Legends for 23 hours. The corpse of the computer gamer went unnoticed by fellow computer users for more than 9 hours until a waitress gave his lifeless body, which was still slumped forward with the arms out over the keyboard, a poke to see if he was okay.

Rong-yu, the young gamer, was last seen alive around midday while he was making a phone call and the cause of death is believed to be due to a combination of cold temperatures, lack of movement and fatigue.

Rong-yu’s family say that he was admitted to hospital due to heart problems last September.

If this news does not scare the Xbox and PlayStation lovers out there then you may want to take a few precautions the next time you sit yourself down for a super marathon session on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. Make sure you take regular breaks, move around as much as you can, stay warm and if you have a heart problem be extra careful.

The news report below is from a Taiwan news channel but it is a bit on the gruesome side. You have been warned.

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[via - daily mail]

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