The Death of Superman Movie [video]

Back in the 1990′s Superman the man of steel died in a comic book at the hands of Doomsday. As you all know a reboot of the Superman movie franchise is under way but one thing we can not help but think is that Hollywood is really missing a golden opportunity by not brining the death of Superman to the big screen. Not to worry the video below is the closest we are likely to get to seeing The Death of Superman on the Big Screen.

Max Landis, (the son of famed Animal House director John Landis and screenwriter ofChronicle) has released The Death and Return of Superman, an entertaining, whisky-fueled 17-minute short detailing that bizarre 1990s storyline. And all of your favorite heroes are here, like Bloodwynd, Eradicator, and the Guardian!

Also featured are Mandy Moore as Lois Lane, Elijah Wood as Hank Henshaw, Simon Pegg as John Landis, and some other surprises. Hat tip to Ryernl.

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[via -io9]

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