5 of the Weirdest Rumours about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Well, it finally looks like the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is set to go ahead and provide tabloid newspapers with an endless amount of rumours and speculation.

Some people say they are surprised while others say that they could see this happening all along and then there or some others who seem to think the whole thing is nothing more than publicity stunt for Tom Cruise’s new movie, Rock of Ages.

One thing for certain is that the Hollywood couple have had their fair share of rumours which have surrounded their lives and their marriage so here we look at 5 of the Weirdest Rumours about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a marriage contract

Since Katie Holmes has officially made her plans for divorce public this rumour has once again began to circulate. The rumour goes that Tom and Katie had a complex marriage contract that was for the sole purpose of positive publicity for Tom. Many people believe that if the marriage contract exists it is to hide the fact that Tom Cruise is gay, another rumour which has circulated for many years.

According to various sources if the rumours about a marriage contract are true it is designed to keep Katie in the marriage for at least 10 years at which point she would be granted a huge amount of extra money especially if she were to have a second child with Tom.

It is easy to see why this rumour is suddenly finding its feet and gaining traction once again.

Tom Cruise made Katie Holmes audition to be his wife

This rumour has been circulating since 2005 when it was first suggested that Tom Cruise had several well-known actresses audition for the part of his wife. It was reported that not only did Tom have Katie audition for the role but he also had Scarlett Johansson and Keri Russell audition as well. It was said that when Keri Russell auditioned a role in the Mission Impossible movies she also auditioned to be Tom’s real life girlfriend and wife.

Katie Holmes is under mind control of Tom Cruise

There is very little in the way of positive press when it comes to the Church of Scientology and this also means there are plenty of rumours which circulate regarding the mysterious cult religion and its many celebrity followers.

There has been a huge amount of speculation and concern over the years that Katie Holmes is actually under some form of mind control as a result of Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology brainwashing her. These rumours have been considered so serious that Tom’s close show business friends Leah Remini and Jada Pinkett Smith have actually spoke about (and denied) these rumours in a cover story in People magazine.

Suri Cruise is not the biological child of Tom and Katie

When Katie Holmes was pregnant with Suri back in 2006 there were plenty of rumours flying around that she was actually faking the pregnancy. This was mainly put down to various photos which seemed to show her baby bump vary in size from day to day. Such photos served as endless fuel for such rumours.

It has even been suggested that the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was actually the baby’s father and had frozen and donated his sperm for the baby Suri.

In the end Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes decided to prove that Suri really did exist by posing with her on the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

Katie Holmes cannot find work

Back as far as 2007 there was plenty of gossip that Katie was unable to find a job due to her relationship with Tom Cruise. It is believed that the majority of studios did not wish to hire her because she had become too much of a tabloid fixture. It was also rumoured that she even had to leave the movie, “The Dark Knight” as a result of her engagement and involvement with Tom Cruise.

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iKill – Are Apples Production Plants are like Death Plants [infograph]

It is hard to ignore than Apple has been making the news recently for all of the wrong reasons.

That is right I am talking about the terrible conditions that it is claimed the workers at Apple’s production plants have to endure. This clever infograph from TwoSexyGeeks reader explains more about the claims about the Apple production plants.

Created by: Online MBA Programs
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The Reasons Why 3D Movie Technology Will Fail

It may be hard to believe that the big push of 3D movies and the availability of 3D televisions for the home has been in full swing for at least a couple of years. What is even more amazing is that despite a lot of money been throwing into promoting the 3D format it is still lingering in the ‘gaining traction’ stage and is yet to fully take off.

Here we take a look at why 3D television and movies will fail.

Lack of Quality Content.

Since the big movie studios began to push the 3D format there has been a steady stream of movie releases that use 3D technology. The big problem here is that none of the movies which have been released can really be considered as a blockbuster movie. The majority of movies which utilise 3D technology are kid’s movies many of which are old kids movies such as Toy Story and other Disney classics which have been retro fitted with 3D.

Because of this you cannot help but feel that the movie studios are really scrapping the barrel and not really getting behind the technology other than to try and squeeze a couple of extra bucks out of movies that we have already seen a hundred times.

People Don’t Want to Wear Silly Glasses.

If you want to view a 3D movie you are going to have to wear a pair of special glasses which will allow you to see the 3D image correctly. At first, for many people, wearing 3D glasses may be a little bit of a novelty but that soon gets old.

It is one thing to wear a pair of 3D glasses when you go to your local cinema but who wants to wear stupid 3D glasses when they are sat at home watching the real housewives of Orange County?

There are several television manufactures which are experimenting with 3D televisions that have a special screen which allows 3D content to be viewed without the need for 3D glasses but this technology is still receiving mixed views. It is also nowhere near as good as what you will experience with 3D glasses.

3D Movies Does Not Deliver What People Expect.

3D is unlikely to catch on unless the movie studios begin to deliver what people expect from a 3D movie. When your average person sits down to watch a movie in 3D they are expecting things to come popping out of the screen. In reality this may happen once in a blue moon and the person watching the movie sees a depth to the picture but depth is not as exciting as things popping out of the screen.

Until film makers realise exactly what people are expecting from a 3D movie the format will continue to struggle to gain traction and continue to die a slow and inevitable death.

Too Much Time Has Passed.

The more time that passes the less chance there is of the 3D format ever catching on. 3D has already been given a good chance by the movie going public and people are already begging to lose interest as it is not delivering what is expected.

The format of 3D really needs to deliver something impressive and it needs to deliver something fast otherwise people will lose interest in it all together.

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The Stupid Things People Do Online

When it comes to surfing the internet there are certain things that people insist on doing without even realising how ridiculous and stupid those things are.

Here we take look at the most stupid things that people do while surfing the internet.

You Send Sensitive Information Over Insecure Connections.

Most homes these days use Wi-Fi wireless connections to surf the internet. While this is all very convenient and removes the clutter of wires it does create a huge problem of security. When you are connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi wireless connection every time you send or receive data from your computer you are sending that data wirelessly into the air and once it is in the air it is possible for anyone within range to intercept that signal. This means if you happen to be sending your bank details or other sensitive information then you are potentially giving cyber criminals access to all of this information.

You Have One Password That You Never Change.

You will no doubt be fully aware of the importance of online security. Despite this there are literally millions of people who will use the same password for every online account that they have. This means if one of their online accounts happens to be compromised then all of their online accounts will be compromised. To put this in perspective this means if someone guesses your Facebook password then they potentially have access to your unregulated access to your PayPal account and bank account. If that is not a scary enough thought for you then what should be is that most of the people who will use the one password for every online account will probably never change that password making them ridiculously easy targets for anyone with worrying motives.

You Fail to Value Your Personal Data.

You may not realise this but you happen to have something very valuable that all companies and businesses want. That is your personal information and every time you upload something to a social network such as Facebook or Twitter you are giving away this information for free. If you do not make a point of setting your privacy settings correctly then anyone who is anyone can come along and have access to your entire life. Not only this there are plenty of companies out there who use special software which roams around sites like Facebook and Twitter harvesting and gathering all of your personal information.

You Don’t Realise Your Web Browser Can Embarrass You.

I am sure that you will agree that most people who use the internet have at one time or another looked at things that they would rather others did not know about. I am not just referring to people looking at pornography on the internet as there is potentially a lot of websites out there that some people may not wish others to know they have browsed.

What people do not realise is that your web browser stores information about all of the websites that you have visited and it does this through the use of history and cookies. This means if someone else wanted to enquire about your browsing habits then it would be pretty easy to do.

Not only does your web browser keep a record of all of the webpages that you have visited it also stores things like your user names and passwords which can be a potential gold mine for anyone who happened to stumble upon them.

Even if you are the only person who uses your computer it is worth knowing that it takes only a few clicks of a mouse to get access to all of this information so if you ever loan your computer to someone the risk is always there.

You Assume You Are Anonymous on the Internet.

It seems to be a general believe that everything that you do on the internet is totally anonymous so you can pretty much do and say what you want. Most people believe that if they comment on a blog then it is done under the cover of darkness. People believe that the fake Facebook account they created is totally secret and no one will ever be able to find out who created it.

Well, you are in for a shock because nothing could actually be further from the truth. Everything that you do online leaves a trail and that trail leads back to the internet connection and computer you are using right now.

Your internet provider issues what is known as an IP address when you log on to the internet and this IP address is recorded wherever you may roam on the internet.

You Advertise Your Whereabouts.

A recent development in the world of social networks is the ability to advertise your location. Twitter uses services such as foursquare and Facebook users are able to check in at whatever location they happen to be at. This all may seem like harmless fun but did you ever stop to think for just a second that you may have people on your friends list who are not as trustworthy as you may think. Maybe if you advertise that you and the family are a way for two days it would be the perfect opportunity to pay your home a visit and empty it of all your belongings.

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Angry Birds is About to Ruin Valentine’s Day

You have probably noticed that it is very nearly Valentines Day and that means you probably have a few romantic plans for you and your partner. Maybe a romantic walk along the beach, a candle lit dinner, a weekend away and a little hubba hubba, wink wink.

Well, you may want to rethink those plans because it has officially been announced that Angry Birds is about to be released on Facebook and it is about to be released on 14 February 2012. That is a whole lot of arguments in the making as you spend the most romantic day of the year firing cartoon birds at green pigs.

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The Seized Assets of The Megaupload Founder

It is common knowledge that the founders of Megaupload were arrested last week and authorities managed to seize a huge array of rich guy gadgets and super cars.

Checkout just some of the things that police have managed to seize from the owners of Megaupload.

The Seized Cars.

  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, VIN WDD2120772A103834, LicensePlate No. “STONED”;73.
  • 2010 Mini Cooper S Coupe, VIN WMWZG32000TZ03651, licence PlateNo. “V”;74.
  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, VIN WDC1641772A608055, LicensePlate No. “GUILTY”;75.
  • 2007 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG, VIN WDD2163792A025130, LicensePlate No. “KIMCOM”;76.
  • 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, VIN WDC1641772A542449, LicensePlate No. “MAFIA”;77.
  • 2010 Toyota Vellfire, VIN 7AT0H65MX11041670, licence Plate Nos.”WOW” or “7″;78.
  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, VIN WDB4632702X193395, LicensePlate Nos. “POLICE” or “GDS672″;79.
  • 2011 Toyota Hilux, VIN MR0FZ29G001599926, licence PlateNo. “FSN455″;80.
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycle, VIN 1HD1HPH3XBC803936, LicensePlate No. “36YED”;81.
  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG, VIN WDD2163742A026653, LicensePlate No. “HACKER”;82.
  • 2005 Mercedes-Benz A170, VIN WDD1690322J184595, licence PlateNo. “FUR252″;83.
  • 2005 Mercedes-Benz ML500, VIN WDC1641752A026107, licence PlateNo. DFF816
  • 1957 Cadillac El Dorado, VIN 5770137596;86.
  • 2010 Sea-Doo GTX Jet Ski, VIN YDV03103E010;87.
  • 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible, VIN 59F115669;88.
  • Von Dutch Kustom Motor Bike, VIN 1H9S14955BB451257;89.
  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM, VIN WDB2094421T067269;90.
  • 2010 Mini Cooper S Coupe, VIN WMWZG32000TZ03648 LicensePlate No. “T”;
  • 1989 Lamborghini LM002, VIN ZA9LU45AXKLA12158, licence PlateNo. “FRP358″;92.
  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz ML63, VIN 4JGBB7HB0BA666219

The Seized Art.

  • Artwork, Predator Statue;
  • Artwork, Anonymous Hooded Sculpture
  • Predator statue

The Seized TV’s and Cameras

  • Sharp LC-65XS1M 65″ LCD TV
  • Sharp LC-65XS1M 65″ LCD TV
  • TVLogic 56″ LUM56W TV
  • Sharp 108″ LCD Display TV
  • Sharp 108″ LCD Display TV
  • Sony PMW-F3K Camera S/N 0200231;101.
  • Sony PMW-F3K Camera S/N 0200561;
  • Samsung 820DXN 82″ LCD TV
  • Samsung 820DXN 82″ LCD TV
  • Samsung 820DXN 82″ LCD TV

Not bad going when you consider that old saying “crime does not pay”

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Sega Develops Urinal Game Console

This question applies to the guys out there reading this. Do you ever find that when you are in a public toilet and you are stood doing what you are doing that you get bored?

Well, video game giant, SEGA, have come up with a way to alleviate that boredom. SEGA, have developed a video game urinal and instead of using the usual handheld controller to control the action on the screen you use your urine stream. That is right you move your urine stream around to control the game.

Pretty cool, yeah? Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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What Would Happen if the Internet Crashed? [video]

With all of this talk about a massive protest against SOPA there has been a lot of people wondering exactly what would happen if the internet crashed or if the internet was turned off. Without going in to all of the technicalities (that is another article) I thought that this video from a while ago in which a news channel reports on the crash of the internet.

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The Benefits of Internet in Our Car

Since the birth of wireless technology the internet has quickly began slipping its way into every part of our lives. We are able to take our laptops wherever we may wander and send emails from wherever we may be and now the internet is even available on aeroplanes and high speed trains.

Well, according to recent news from the automotive industry you will soon be able to access 4G LTE in your car. Yes, that is right the next step for the internet is going to be having it beamed into your car.

There are obviously a lot of people who are quick, and rightly so, to point out that the ability to browse the internet in your car carries some pretty serious safety concerns but there must also be some pretty huge benefits to having the internet in your car. After all if there were no benefits then people would not buy into the technology and automotive companies would not invest in the idea.

So what are the benefits of having the internet in your car? Well, there are plenty. Some of which will benefit the driver and others will benefit your passengers.

Movies, Music and Television on the Go.

The introduction of the internet in to our cars will not only bring us the information superhighway as we drive it will also expand our home wireless network. You will be able to access all of the files that are stored on your computer at home from the comfort of your car regardless of where you happen to be.

This means that you will have access to every piece of music you own and the kids will be able to sit in the back seat and watch movies as you drive. All of these will be streamed from your computer back at home which means you will no longer need to start taking CD’s or DVD’s into your car.

It is also likely that you will be able to use services such Netflix and iTunes in your car as well as being able to listen to internet radio stations from all over the world and stream live television over the internet.

Texting, Emailing and Social Networking.

When it comes to safety on our roads one of the biggest problems is drivers who insist on using their cell phones while driving. The use of cell phones while driving is the reasons behind 1000’s of accidents and countless deaths each year and despite this people still keep on doing it.

Once the internet ids available in our cars we will be able to use our cell phones through voice activation the same way that Apple uses its virtual assistant, Siri.

Rather than fumbling around with your phone or glancing down at the screen you will be able to have text messages and emails read out to you and then you will be able to dictate a reply. You will also be able to make phone calls simply by telling your car to make a call.

This will allow drivers the ability to keep their eyes on the road.

Security. And Tracking.

Unfortunately car theft and vandalism does exist and it shows little sign of disappearing anytime soon. The internet in our car may help tackle such problems.

With the use of GPS and am internet connection will allow you to monitor your cars location from any computer or smartphone. You will be able to remotely turn the alarm and immobiliser on and off as well as being able to shut off the car’s engine. That ability would certainly stop any car thieve in his tracks.

The ability to track your cars location would also come in useful if you were to find yourself in a situation that required you to call the emergency services or a breakdown service. Such services would be able to locate you with ease even if you did not know where you were.

Up to Date Traffic Reports (that work in real time.)

Even without access to the internet in your car there is the ability to receive traffic information to guide you around any potential hold ups. The problem with existing services is that they are not always that reliable. Internet traffic updates are always more reliable and delivers real time information.

It is a common occurrence with existing in car traffic updates is that you have a report flash up on your screen indicating a traffic jam up ahead then you reach that point to find the traffic jam was cleared a couple of hours ago.

Bringing the internet into your car will allow for accurate traffic announcements to be delivered to the driver. The system will be integrated with the cars on-board GPS and map system and will be able to do things like inform drivers of lane closures, traffic jams, accidents and speed traps. Most importantly all of this information will be live, up to date and accurate.

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Microsoft Ready to Release Kinect For Windows

You may or may not be aware of Microsoft’s popular motion sensor controller for the Xbox 360 known as Kinect. Kinect allows the user to control Xbox 360 video games by moving around rather than using a standard controller.

Now Microsoft plans to release Microsoft Kinect for Windows on February 1st which will bring motion control to your computer desktop and laptop.

It is expected that Kinect for Windows will go on sale at $250USD as a hardware and software package which may well push down the price of Kinect for Xbox 360.

The main differences between the Windows and Xbox version is that the Windows version has a ‘near’ mode which we are guessing is included as you are more likely to be up close and personal when controlling a computer. The Xbox version works by picking up larger movements from a distance.

Kinect hacking has become a very popular subculture since its release with hackers developing applications for the motion controller to control everything from Google Maps to virtual sex games. Microsoft plan to release the SDK (software development kit) to the public which means that the potential for real world applications to be developed are endless. Not only can you expect to see plenty of PC video games coming along that make use of Kinect for Windows you can assume there will be plenty of other uses that software companies will develop. One of the first will no doubt be eliminating the good old computer mouse so that you can just use your hand to control the cursor. After that the only limit is the imagination.

Kinect from Windows will be available from Amazon.

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