20 Awfully Bizarre Automobile Fails

If you are anything like me you will have probably scene many car accidents and wondered how the heck the car ended up in that position. I bet none were as bizarre as these automobile fails.

1. You have to admire a bus driver with a sense of humor.

2. This is not the type of car you would turn into a monster truck.

3. Ironic.

4. Now this is one clever skateboard trick.

5. I can’t imagine why.

6. Ironic.

7. Frankincar.

8. Is that a hot dog?

9. If this was intended you would never be able to land a car there.

10. Maybe I should have paid attention to that sign.

11. Woops.

12. Nothing says class like styrofoam.

13. What I can’t understand is why the boat is not drifting away.

14. What are the chances of getting a car to balance like this?

15. I am pretty sure this is not the intended use for a shopping trolley wheel.

16. You can understand how a car ends up in some places but in this case……..

17. It is like that scene from Blues Brothers where they drive around the mall.

18. Nothing says child safety like the photo below.



5 Reasons the Back to the Future Franchise Makes No God Damn Sense

The back to the future movies could well be one of the most watched trilogies ever and that is not just because Marty nearly makes out with his mom or because everyone wants her boobs to pop out of that prom dress.

Everyone loves back to the future because we all secretly fantasize about travelling through time ourselves.

The problem with watching the back to the future movies over and over is that you suddenly realise that there are so many things that make no god damn sense.

You Can’t Grow Old if You Are Not There

If you have found yourself reading this article I will assume that you have seen all three back to the future movies, but let us recap on a couple of key points from the second movie.

In the future, the year 2015 to be exact, Marty McFly’s son finds himself in a spot of bother with the law. Cutting a long story short Griff Tannen, the grandson of Biff Tannen, bully’s Marty’s son into coming along on an illegal activity and the end result is that Marty’s son ends up serving thirty years in jail. Doc Brown decides that the best course of action is to take Marty to the future so he can stop the events from taking place. As the movie progresses we see Doc and Marty travel to the future and successfully stop Marty’s son from becoming involved with Griff’s gang. As with all the Back to the Future movies there are plenty side plots along the way such as Marty bumping into his future self and realising that his son is identical to him in every way.

Now don’t get me wrong, this all makes a great movie which you can cheerfully watch over and over again but there is a huge gaping hole in the entire plot of the second movie.

If the Marty McFly from 1985 travels through time to the year 2015 there would be no Marty left to grow up, get married and have kids. This means that when Marty arrives in the future his son would not have been born and there would be no middle-aged Marty who had given up on his music and found himself in a dead end job.

Call it nit picking but when you are messing around with the space time continuum you have to get your facts straight.

Time Travel Paradoxes

As I am sure everyone reading will remember in the first movie Marty travels back to the year 1955 and manages to interfere with his parents meeting for the first time. While Doc Brown goes about trying to make sure he can send Marty back to the future Marty must engineer a way for his parents to get it on. If he fails to get his parents to hook up then things for Marty McFly are going to be nothing short of disastrous.

By disastrous I mean his parents won’t get married, have sex and therefore Marty McFly will never be born. Throughout the movie Marty is able to gauge his success by looking at a photograph of himself with his brother and sister. As time runs out Marty and his siblings begin to disappear from gradually from the photo.

This is where the problems begin in the story line. If Marty prevents his parents from hooking up this means Marty and his siblings will never be born and the photograph will never exist. The movie, however, has other ideas on how the fabrics of space time would work and show Marty’s brother stood with no head. This means that since Marty prevented the first meeting of his parents he was still born as was his siblings only he has managed to create a universe where his brother is born but with no head. That just does not make any sense but we will leave that for a moment.

If Marty prevented his parents from ever meeting then he would cease to exist as instantly as parents failed to meet. This means that he would not be around to engineer a way for them to get together for the first time. Of course this means since Marty is now never going to be born, he would not be around to travel back in time and bollocks everything up in the first place. Once he cannot travel back in time there will be nothing to stop his parents meeting so then he can be born and can then travel back in time.

The whole thing goes round and round till your head explodes but you get the idea. It just does not work.

Doing Things the Hard Way

At the end of Back to the Future 2 we see Doc Brown flying the DeLorean when it is struck by lightning and catapulted back to the year 1885. With no way to get back he hides the DeLorean in a cave and arranges for a letter to be delivered to Marty explaining where the time machine is hidden so he can get back to the future.

Marty quickly discovers that Doc Brown dies several days after writing the letter so Marty decides he must go back to 1885 in order to save his friend. Everything seems to go as planned until Marty manages to rip a hole in the fuel tank of the DeLorean which causes a bit of a problem because in 1885 it is a safe bet there will be no gas station in Hill Valley until at least 1940. The rest of the movie is about Doc and Marty trying to find a way to propel the time machine to 88mph without fuel and without the necessary parts to repair the DeLorean.

You must admit that there is plenty going on there to fill out a two hour long movie and boy do they do that. The problem of no parts and no fuel is solved by placing the DeLorean on a railway track where a train will push it up to 88mph and catapult it back to the future.

The problem is if you have a guy like Doc Brown who is smart enough to design and build a time machine it is hard to believe he lacks the ability to think of the most obvious and simple solution to a problem.

Surely, rather than adapting the time machine to run on rails and hijacking a train it would have made much more sense that Doc Brown had just took the necessary spare parts from the DeLorean which he had hidden in the cave. After all, at this point there are two DeLorean time machines that exist at this point in 1885. Heck, Doc Brown could have even taken that gasoline from the hidden DeLorean solving all the problems quickly and easily with no need to hang around and no need to hijack a train.

And before anyone jumps to point out how that borrowing parts from the DeLorean in the cave would have an impact on what is left for Marty in 1955 can I just point out the following. Yes, borrowing parts from the DeLorean would indeed mean that a fuel tank would be needed as would gasoline but both of these are readily available in 1955.

Technically we should not complain too much about this obvious solution to the entire third movie as if Doc Brown had opted for the common sense approach we would only have two movies and a television special that was not particularly exciting.

Spot the Difference

If I were to ask you to think back to your teenage years I am sure there are something’s that you will remember more than others. For example you will probably recall the moment you lost your virginity but you are unlikely to recall what you had for a snack afterwards.

If we think about the first Back to the Future movie and look at the young Lorraine Baines (McFly) of 1955. During the movie we see young Lorraine experience her first crush (who just so happens to be her son) and then meet and fall in love with her future husband. Like everyone else on the planet Lorraine is surely going to remember these events and that Marty McFly played a pivotal role in all of them?

What makes absolutely no sense is that Lorraine seems to be totally oblivious to the fact that her son seems to have a freakishly scary resemblance to her first crush and the guy who helped her hook up with her husband. It is kind of weird that the likes of Biff fails to spot the resemblance as well.

A Matter for Law Enforcement

As you can imagine when the police discover a group of dead and heavily armed Libyan terrorist in the parking lot of Twin Pine Mall, it is only a matter of time before they come looking for Marty McFly.

Even in 1955 most shopping malls in America would employ some kind of security tape and those tapes will show both Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the car park with the time machine. Even if, on slight chance there is no security tape, the terrorists would most likely have some form of documentation that would indicate they were looking for Doc Brown.

The authorities are quickly going to discover that Doc Brown completely disappeared after 1985 and his only friend is Marty McFly who was indeed with him hours before his mysterious disappearance. Police and the FBI would definitely raid the Doc’s house and discover evidence of his contact with the Libyans and his intentions to build a bomb (the excuse he gave the Libyans to acquire the plutonium). They would go through every inch of the Doc’s life with a fine toothcomb leaving no stone unturned.

Of course that would mean they would also do the same to Marty’s life. Within hours every law agency in the country would be on the lookout for Marty McFly and it is only a matter of time before they have him in an interview room with a spotlight in his face.

Put simply Marty McFly is screwed and he is going to have to sing like a canary to law enforcement about the time machine.

It is just a pity that the third movie failed to think of this when the movie ends with Marty and Jennifer all set to make the future whatever they want it to be.


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The iKon RC iBuggy a RC Car Controlled from Your iPhone or iPad

If you are a huge Apple fan then you probably cannot get enough of Apple products and products that look like Apple products.

If you happen to be after a radio controlled car that not only looks like an iPhone or iPad on wheels then look no further than the iKon RC iBuggy.

While it is never going to break any speed records (it is actually quite speedy around the house at 10 feet per second) it is certainly a pretty cool gadget to have. Not only does the iKon RC iBuggy look like an iPhone it is can also be controlled by your iPhone or iPad. You simply download a free app from iTunes and away you go controlling your iKon RC iBuggy through your iPhone or iPad.

You can buy the iKon RC iBuggy from the UK Amazon store here.

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The Worlds Best Driving Simulator – The CXC Motion PRO II

If you are anything like me then you are probably a huge fan of driving simulation video games. Of course if you do enjoy driving simulators then you may well find that using a standard Xbox or PlayStation 3 controller simply does not do it for you. You may have invested a few bucks of your hard earned money into a plastic steering wheel and a set of pedals in the hope of adding a little more realism to your driving simulation experience.

But what happens if this is still not enough to make your driving simulation experience realistic enough? Well, if you have a spare room and plenty of spare cash available then we would highly recommend the CXC Motion Pro II driving simulator.

When it comes to driving simulations this awesome gadget has to be the best that money can buy. The CXC Motion Pro II allows you to drive on any type of terrain you can think of so that means you can drive Formula 1, Rally Circuits and even Go-Carts.

What makes the CXC Motion Pro II really stand out from the crowd when it comes to realism is not just the software it is the huge amount of technology that comes with it.

To make sure that you have a fully submersive experience the simulator comes with not one but 3 huge 46 inch widescreen full HD television sets that wrap around you. All three televisions produce the most amazing 1080p high definition graphics that you could ever hope for.

The seat that you sit in while driving this simulator is a top quality bucket seat which is fitted to a pretty high-tech motion system that will throw you around in complete sync with the action that is happening on the screen. Step hard on the accelerator and you will feel yourself being thrown back in the seat. Hit the break and be prepared to be thrust forward. If the super realistic motion system is not enough for you then get your hands on the steering wheel which is way beyond any video game steering wheel that you have ever touched before. You can quite literally feel every bump of the road (not to mention hitting water) and the feedback system from the steering wheel really does begin to test your stamina when driving hard just like what real formula 1 driver must experience.

The icing on the cake with this simulator is the sound system that comes with it. You may well not see what is so exciting about a 5.1 surround system with super bass and 505 watts a channel but like everything relating to the CXC Motion Pro II there is more. The sound system is hooked up to the simulator so that it not only produces sound but it actually generates physical vibrations just like in a real car. The sound system is attached and synced with 4 transducers which will simply blow your mind.

If you fancy playing against your rich friends who also are lucky enough to own a CXC Motion Pro II then you can connect several simulators together on a local network or you can connect it to the internet and play with 1000’s of other owners all over the globe.

Powering the simulator is a top notch gaming computer which feathers an Intel Core 1.7 Extreme Processor along with NVidia based high end graphics.

The CXC Motion Pro Simulator comes with plenty of pre-loaded software which includes iRacing, GTR2, rFActor, GT Legends, GTR Evolution and STCC. You have the option of driving 1000’s of custom cars and tracks and all updates are carried out automatically via the internet.

The CXC Motion Pro II Driving Simulator is built in Southern California and will the starting price is $34,000

Available from CXCSimulators.com

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The Benefits of Internet in Our Car

Since the birth of wireless technology the internet has quickly began slipping its way into every part of our lives. We are able to take our laptops wherever we may wander and send emails from wherever we may be and now the internet is even available on aeroplanes and high speed trains.

Well, according to recent news from the automotive industry you will soon be able to access 4G LTE in your car. Yes, that is right the next step for the internet is going to be having it beamed into your car.

There are obviously a lot of people who are quick, and rightly so, to point out that the ability to browse the internet in your car carries some pretty serious safety concerns but there must also be some pretty huge benefits to having the internet in your car. After all if there were no benefits then people would not buy into the technology and automotive companies would not invest in the idea.

So what are the benefits of having the internet in your car? Well, there are plenty. Some of which will benefit the driver and others will benefit your passengers.

Movies, Music and Television on the Go.

The introduction of the internet in to our cars will not only bring us the information superhighway as we drive it will also expand our home wireless network. You will be able to access all of the files that are stored on your computer at home from the comfort of your car regardless of where you happen to be.

This means that you will have access to every piece of music you own and the kids will be able to sit in the back seat and watch movies as you drive. All of these will be streamed from your computer back at home which means you will no longer need to start taking CD’s or DVD’s into your car.

It is also likely that you will be able to use services such Netflix and iTunes in your car as well as being able to listen to internet radio stations from all over the world and stream live television over the internet.

Texting, Emailing and Social Networking.

When it comes to safety on our roads one of the biggest problems is drivers who insist on using their cell phones while driving. The use of cell phones while driving is the reasons behind 1000’s of accidents and countless deaths each year and despite this people still keep on doing it.

Once the internet ids available in our cars we will be able to use our cell phones through voice activation the same way that Apple uses its virtual assistant, Siri.

Rather than fumbling around with your phone or glancing down at the screen you will be able to have text messages and emails read out to you and then you will be able to dictate a reply. You will also be able to make phone calls simply by telling your car to make a call.

This will allow drivers the ability to keep their eyes on the road.

Security. And Tracking.

Unfortunately car theft and vandalism does exist and it shows little sign of disappearing anytime soon. The internet in our car may help tackle such problems.

With the use of GPS and am internet connection will allow you to monitor your cars location from any computer or smartphone. You will be able to remotely turn the alarm and immobiliser on and off as well as being able to shut off the car’s engine. That ability would certainly stop any car thieve in his tracks.

The ability to track your cars location would also come in useful if you were to find yourself in a situation that required you to call the emergency services or a breakdown service. Such services would be able to locate you with ease even if you did not know where you were.

Up to Date Traffic Reports (that work in real time.)

Even without access to the internet in your car there is the ability to receive traffic information to guide you around any potential hold ups. The problem with existing services is that they are not always that reliable. Internet traffic updates are always more reliable and delivers real time information.

It is a common occurrence with existing in car traffic updates is that you have a report flash up on your screen indicating a traffic jam up ahead then you reach that point to find the traffic jam was cleared a couple of hours ago.

Bringing the internet into your car will allow for accurate traffic announcements to be delivered to the driver. The system will be integrated with the cars on-board GPS and map system and will be able to do things like inform drivers of lane closures, traffic jams, accidents and speed traps. Most importantly all of this information will be live, up to date and accurate.

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Shocking Confessions of a Car Salesman

Buying a car can be a daunting, confusing and a pretty unpleasant experience. Many people feel intimidated just walking into the car showroom and nothing short of terror when a car salesman spots you. You just know that it all goes downhill from here.

First there will be all of that cheesy small talk and jokes, the test drive, the ridiculously low offer on your part exchange and then the eye watering interest rates on your finance package. This is all before the dealer add-ons and extras start getting chucked at you.

Before you know it you are signing on the dotted line, paying more than you wanted to and not getting anywhere near the true value for your part exchange. If you are lucky you might actually be buying the car you originally came in for.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for once you had the upper hand? Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew all of those little games the salesman plays so you could beat him at his own game?

Well, you are in luck because I actually used to be a car salesman in the UK. I actually worked as a car salesman for over ten years before I got tired of the industry and escaped.

I have worked on used car lots as well as selling Honda, Toyota, Peugeot, Nissan, GM, Hyundai and Ford.

As a former car salesman I have decided to blow the lid and let you in on all of the secrets that car salesman do not want you to know. Friends often ask me questions about buying a car and ask for advice on how to get a good deal. I have taken the most common questions that I am asked and answered them honestly for you so hopefully the answers will help you get a really good deal when you buy your next car, new or used.

How Much Commission do You Make on a Car Sale?

The commission that a car salesman can vary depending on the place they are working. Most car salesman will make around 50 bucks as a minimum flat rate while others will make around 10% of the total profit that is in the sale. As an average a salesman will make between 50 and 100 bucks per sale and then possible extra for selling finance or dealer extras.

Do You Really Have to “Talk to the Manger?”

Most customers when buying a car do not believe that the salesman has to speak to the manager but this is actually a fact. Every single place I have worked as a car salesman has required the sales manager to make all of the decisions regarding part exchange price and selling price of the car you want to buy.

The salesman actually has no control over the numbers and it is the sales manager who makes those decisions. Technically the salesman is nothing more than a go between for you and the manager.

How Much Profit is there in a Car?

When it comes to selling new cars there is very little profit in selling the car. If a brand new car sells without any discount the average profit on a car costing 10k will be a couple of hundred bucks at best. A luxury car costing 100k will have a profit of around 7k. Customers never believe this but it is true.  If you wanted to get technical about profits on new cars then you need to be aware that car dealerships will receive a large bonus from the manufacture if they sell a targeted number of cars. This bonus can be anywhere from 40,000 bucks and upward.

Used cars are a different story altogether and are much more profitable. Your average used family car will have a profit margin of 600 – 2000 bucks.

What is the Best Way to get a Good Deal?

I get this question asked a lot. The truth is there is nothing set in stone when it comes to getting a good deal while buying a car. The best advice I can give you hear is do your homework before going down to the dealership so you have an idea of competition and go there ready to buy. If you are willing to make a decision and buy then this is a huge bargaining tool and carrot for you to dangle.

I have lost count the number of times over the years that a customer has said they wanted more money for their part exchange to which I have replied “If I got the sales manager to give you that figure for your part exchange, would you buy my car today?” They then rely with “I’d think about.”

If you are only going to think about it and not buy the car then I will give you a million bucks for your part exchange.

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Again, there is no hard or set rule as to when the best time to buy a car is. In the UK it was often considered (by customers at least) that the month of a new registration was the best month but that is all bull. If I had to give a best time I would say at the end of a month. At the end of a month dealerships and salesman have a good chance needing sales to hit targets so they may push the boat out for you especially if it means that bonus from the manufacturer.

What is the Worst Thing to do When Buying a Car?

I could fill a book with the things that annoyed me about customers while I worked in the motor trade. First do not come into a dealership wanting to test drive every car in the show room and not want to buy the car for another 6 months. The salesman does not get paid for test drives and 6 months is a long time.

Forget about the idea that cash is good for getting a good deal. Nowadays it is better for the salesman and the dealership if you use finance as they get commission for selling the finance. Cash means nothing in today’s world.

Have You Ever Seriously Stuffed a Customer?

I started in the motor trade when I was pretty young and, yes, I have done this once or twice. It does not happen as often as you might think but twice I had a customer come in and say they wanted to buy a particular car and they had 200 bucks a month to spend. I went off and done the calculations with the manager and the monthly payment came out at 118. I just pumped up the interest rate on the finance to get the figure up towards the 200 bucks a month. The interest rate was horrific for this customer.

I am not proud of it and still regret it to this day and that is 14 years later.

Are Those Add-ons Pure Profit for the Dealer?

They are not pure profit but they do provide a lot of profit for the dealership. In honesty you probably want to take a look at some of the insurances that you will be offered and see if any of them are of a benefit to you but I would advise staying well clear of these lotions and potions that go on the paintwork to protect it and the scotch guarding of the interiors. These products have a huge profit margin in and are a total waste of time. The warranties you get with products like dimondbrite and superguard or not worth the paper they are printed on.

Also the products themselves are seldom applied in the correct way so any benefit they did offer is lost. I have actually lost count the number of times I have saw these products purchased by a customer and then the dealership has not applied them.

If you have a quite word with the salesman and get on with him or her he might be able to get you a few half empty bottle left overs of these products from the valet bay for you to apply yourself.

Do You Treat Customers Differently Based on Appearance?

We should not but we do. The thing is when you work with the public you do hear and see every story under the sun and it becomes a drag.

It is not usually down to the clothes a customer is wearing but rather the way the come into the dealership. If they come wondering in without their part exchange or without any real direction you just know they will waste your time.


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