Most Epic Answer to Exam Question Ever [pic]

Sometimes a photo can really just nail you and this photo nailed us.

Talk about one of the best answers to an exam question ever.

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alex says:

they write left to right all the time. it basically says "my life here isn't very good, work environment is poor. but don't worry, everyday only about 10 people get seriously injured., and i'm very careful. even though i'm not very familiar with english, i'm working to try and understand the things the white people say. i really hope i can go above and beyond. while i'm here i'll work really hard and take care of myself. you guys still alright? i really miss you and hope we can see each other again"

Fortinbras says:

The instructor should fail her for not writing vertically or from right the left.

guest says:

i like how its titled "most epic answer to exam question"

but it clearly says homework.