Microsoft Ready to Release Kinect For Windows

You may or may not be aware of Microsoft’s popular motion sensor controller for the Xbox 360 known as Kinect. Kinect allows the user to control Xbox 360 video games by moving around rather than using a standard controller.

Now Microsoft plans to release Microsoft Kinect for Windows on February 1st which will bring motion control to your computer desktop and laptop.

It is expected that Kinect for Windows will go on sale at $250USD as a hardware and software package which may well push down the price of Kinect for Xbox 360.

The main differences between the Windows and Xbox version is that the Windows version has a ‘near’ mode which we are guessing is included as you are more likely to be up close and personal when controlling a computer. The Xbox version works by picking up larger movements from a distance.

Kinect hacking has become a very popular subculture since its release with hackers developing applications for the motion controller to control everything from Google Maps to virtual sex games. Microsoft plan to release the SDK (software development kit) to the public which means that the potential for real world applications to be developed are endless. Not only can you expect to see plenty of PC video games coming along that make use of Kinect for Windows you can assume there will be plenty of other uses that software companies will develop. One of the first will no doubt be eliminating the good old computer mouse so that you can just use your hand to control the cursor. After that the only limit is the imagination.

Kinect from Windows will be available from Amazon.

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