Introducing The Facebook Bed

For those of you who still think that Facebook addiction is not real you may want to check out the “FBed”, a design concept by Croatian graphic designer Tomislav Zvonarić.

Put simply the FBed is for those geeks who simply cannot get enough of Facebook and need to be constantly up to date with all the status updates from their friends.

Not only is the bed designed like a big F (the F stands for Facebook apparently) and has its very own Facebook terminal built into it so you can receive all of your Facebook updates even while you sleep. Then when you wake up your Facebook terminal is a stone throw away and you can begin updating the world on you life the very second you wake up.

Could you really think of anything better than those days that you spend the entire day in bed?

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[via - thedailywhat]
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swapnil says:

i'd never sleep on that bed