How to Hide Your External Hard Drive

In today’s world of technology are storing more and more of our lives in a digital format. We store our photo collections, movie collection and music collections digitally on our computer hard drives.

While storing all of these files digitally is incredibly convenient the downside is the risk that something will go wrong and we will lose all of our files and that means we lose our movies, music, photos and other important files.

It is because of this risk that it is very important we make regular backups of all of our important files and the best way to do this is through the use of an external desktop or portable hard drive.

The biggest problem with an external hard drive is that some people do not like having a small box placed on their desk and taking up some of their workspace.

If this sounds like you there are plenty of ways you can hide you external hard drive so it is not interfering with your desk or workspace. In fact there are plenty of ways you can hide your external hard drive so it is out of sight completely and you do not even know it is there.

Use Velcro to Fix Under Desk.

A great idea to hide your external hard drive out of sight is to secure it to underneath your desk through the use of industrial strength Velcro.

You can actually buy Velcro which can be stuck to your external hard drive and the underside of your desk. This way if you wish to move your external hard drive or take it somewhere you can easily just unvelcro it and you are good to go.

Don’t worry if you cannot find industrial strength Velcro because you can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Place it in a Draw.

If your desk has a drawer then a drawer may be a fantastic place to hide away your external hard drive. You could simply store the external hard drive in your drawer and bring it out only when you need it or you could store the external hard drive in a draw but have the cables routed out of the rear and up onto the desk.

Use a Small Table.

If you can find and buy a table which is slightly shorter than your desk then you could situate the smaller desk under your computer desk and your external hard drive could then be hidden in this way.

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dave says:

I keep mine in a DRAWER.