20 Unintentionally Funny Video Game Covers

Video games are very big business these days and one thing every video game developer knows is that if you want to sell your game you need a brilliant bit of cover art to make your game stand out among all of the others. Sometimes developers hit a home run with their video game cover but there are plenty of occasions when they get it completely wrong.


For those of you who do not know Chegger’s is a really bad television host from the United Kingdom. That means he used to present kids television back in the early 80′s and now his career has died and he spends his time opening supermarkets. As you can see from the cover, Chegger’s, who appears on the cover, does little to make you want to buy the game and everything to say he looks like a sex offender.


I am guessing this game is supposed to be a fighting game which is also supposed to be tough. As you can see the guys on the cover are supposed to look tough but actually look more like they are going to a fancy dress party dressed as New Kids on the Block. Perhaps getting a couple of tough looking men on the cover rather than two 12 year olds would be a start in appearing a little tougher. Even David Hasselhoff in a pink too-too  would look more macho than these guys.


This cover for the video game named Deal or No Deal could actually be the most boring cover art that has ever been created.


I may be wrong here but to the best of my knowledge I am pretty sure that ninja’s do not use children’s scooters as a form of transport nor do they have anything to do with skulls.


Apparently this game is so addictive that it should actually be illegal. This is why we find it strange that the cover art shows a man trapped in a bubble having to use matchsticks to keep his eyes open. Now to us that just gives the indication this game is so boring that the only way you will be able to stay awake is through the use of matchsticks to keep your eyes open.


If you happen to be into sports of any description then maybe you could tell the makers of this game that you are not going to be inclined to buy a game that has a picture of a former player on the cover who now looks like he is in his 80′s.


I think that this game is something to do with riding a BMX but the cover makes it look like some kind of bizarre devil worshipping fest.


If you want to sell a game about skateboarding you put photos of Tony Hawk on the cover. What you do not do is use the cover to show a photo of a guy in a blue spandex suit with a facial expression that looks like he is having an orgasm while breaking wind.


The title of this game would suggest that it has something to do with martial art fighting but the simple picture of a foot suggests that it may be about an ingrowing toe nail or verruca.


It is hard to believe that the art on this video game cover was not created by a five year old. And judging by the cover it is anything but action.


We really have given up trying to guess what this game may be about. We are assuming that the picture in the front is supposed to be a really poorly drawn fish or a really poorly drawn sperm. Either way we still have no clue as to what this game is about or what the cover is trying to suggest.


The facial expressions on this video game cover are bad enough but check out that deformed foot and toe. Surely that cannot be real.


If the title is anything to go by this game could well be a car racing game. If the picture on the cover is anything to go by the game could well have something to do with transvestites. Hopefully they do not show up on your sofa half way through the game.


We all agree that this could well be the most depressing video game cover ever created.


They hyper-speed shoot-out which is easily personified by a really old guy playing the banjo. Can anyone please tell me how this all makes sense or how one relates to the other? Anyone at all?


Yet another game that we have no idea what the objective may be. The cover shows two jaguar’s  in space. Perhaps this is a romantic video game where two big cats have to fall in love whilst in space.


In this game you take on the role of Megaman and Megaman is a rather strange looking guy who wears tights and walks like Forrest Gump.


The cover art for this game was definitely trying to mimic certain Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Pretty obvious judging by the two macho guys with the big muscles and bare chests. Oh, and this game also has something to do with a normal looking monkey and a robot with a flame thrower.


The people who created this video game cover have decided that if you wish to portray toughness you take a pretty normal looking dog and put it in between two guys who are wearing tights.


In this game you play a cat apparently. A cat who gets up to naughty things and is interested in graffiti, gangsta rap and hanging out on street corners. Just what we want our kids playing.

Bizarre Super Mario Themed Toilet

It does not matter what topic or subject you happen to be looking at there is a good chance that there are some rather hardcore fans out there. Of course there are some fans that are more hardcore than others and you always know a real hardcore fan when they decide to design their bathroom and toilet on their passion.

While this is all well and good it does look a little bit strange if you happen to be the owner of this bathroom who is the worlds biggest Super Mario fan.

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Nintendo’s Attempt at a Viral Video [video]

Here at TwoSexyGeeks we do enjoy a good viral video so you can imagine our excitement when we learnt that video game company, Nintendo, has went out and created there very own viral video.

Whether or not this video from Nintendo will actually go viral is another matter which only time will tell. Let us know what you think of the video and whether or not it is worthy of going viral. Maybe if it is you will send it to your friends and help it on its way.

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“Star Wars Kinect” Turns into Amazing Dance Off [video]

This amazing video was posted on YouTube on the 29th of March 2012 so we can be forgiven for wondering if it was an April fool prank. As you can see from the video it shows what is the Star Wars Kinect and it’s Dance Off mode featuring Stormtroopers, Princess Leia (yes in her gold bikini) and Han Solo to name but only a few.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of the Star Wars Kinect Dance Off Mode. Personally I think it is worth buying the game and Kinect system just for the Dance Mode.

You can buy the XBox 360 Star Wars Kinect from Amazon.

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How to Show Her You Care [comic]

When it comes to showing your girlfriend that you care there is the old fashioned way, also known as the conventional, and then there is the way that is for the modern day world of today.

Which one would you choose.

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The New Features Behind Mass Effect 3 [video]

Video game fans will be more than aware that the wait is very nearly over for Mass Effect 3 and anticipation to get your hands on the game is high.

One question that many people asking is what are the new features that we can expect from Mass Effect 3? This video takes a look at what is new and what we can expect from the new features from BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 which is available for pre-order from Amazon.

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4 Gadgets to Enhance Your Online Gaming

Video games have certainly come a long way since the days of the original Nintendo NES and the Sega Master system.

Back in the day when Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog were the kings of gaming kids would spend hours sat in their bedrooms tapping away at controllers which actually had something called a wire to connect it to their beloved games console.

Nowadays video games are no longer just played by young boys in bedrooms they are played by kids, adults, men and women and they are no longer something that you play by yourself. Nowadays you can connect your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to the internet and play your video games against people all over the world. That is right we are talking about the amazing and addictive world of online gaming.

In this article we are taking a look at some must have video game gadgets that will help you get the most out of your online gaming and really enhance the experience.

High Quality Headset.

Part of playing your video games online is the ability to not only play against people all over the world but also be able to talk to them and communicate with them. In the world of online gaming this is done with a headset but you will have probably noticed that the headsets you get as standard with the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 are pretty small and the quality is not the best. If you really want to take the communication part of online gaming serious then why not invest in a top of the line headset which is comfortable to wear for hour after hour and will provide you with top quality sound from your fellow game players.

Sony PlayStation 3 Headset available here from Amazon.

Xbox 360 headset available from here from Amazon.

Surround Sound System.

If you really want to take your online gaming to the next level you need to invest in a surround system. Imagine that you are playing a video game online such as Call of Duty and you have a problem with people running up behind you within the game and shooting you dead. Well, if you have a surround sound system you will be able to hear other players behind you as your games console will throw the sound to the correct place so you can accurately hear potential gaming dangers. Just think of the huge advantages you will have over your competitors when playing online.

Surround sound systems are available here from Amazon.

Gaming Seat.

Yes, you can sit on the sofa and yes, you can sit on the floor but it is so much cooler to play video games online if you have your very own dedicated gaming chair. Some of these seats are super comfortable which is superb for long gaming sessions. Some also come with built in speakers and vibration mechanisms which vibrate the same way as your controller vibrates.

You can buy a huge selection of Gaming Seats here.

Big Screen 3D HDTV.

When it comes to getting the most out of any video game a big screen television is a must have item. It is no longer enough to have a small portable television in the spare room because modern video games are visually stunning and come with full high definition graphics. With visual beauty like this it makes sense to show it off on a big screen television set. Recently there have been several high profile video games such as Call of Duty and Grand Turismo which have utilised 3D technology which is just amazing and has to be seen to be believed. If you invest in one thing for your online video gaming then a HDTV with 3D is a must have buy.

The Best Video Games Ever Recreated in LEGO Stop Motion Video [video]

I am sure that all of the video game geeks among our readers are well aware that there have been a lot of LEGO video games across the various consoles. Games like LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Star Wars. In honor of the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, Kooberz has created this truly amazing stop motion video of LEGO characters recreating some of the most popular video games that have ever been created.

Watch the video and see how many of the games you can guess.

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Death Star Over Copenhagen [video]

So there you are walking down the street and suddenly you notice the Death Star in the sky. It would be quite a frightening thing to see.

With clever use of video special effects you can see what it would look like to see the Death Star over Copenhagen as Darth Vader’s shuttle and Tie Fighters fly down to a local branch of Toysrus.

This video is rather impressive.

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