9 Reasons A Person Unfriended You on Facebook

Everyone has looked through their Facebook friends only to notice that someone has unfriended them. You cannot help but wonder if this was down to an error with the Facebook website or did that person intentionally delete you. Here we look at the top reasons a person will unfriend you on Facebook.

The Facebook Flood

The Facebook flood is something that most of us have experienced at one point or another. The Facebook flood involves a person who insists repeatedly comments on every single status update you make or photo that you post. If this sort of thing was done in the real world it would be called stalking and you’d be checking to make sure your rabbit is not on the boil in the kitchen.

At least when you suffer a Facebook flood you do not need a restraining order to get rid of your stalker you can simply unfriend the guilty party.

The Awkward Sexual Encounter

In a recent survey it was suggested that 83% of people who unfriend someone on Facebook did so because of a sexual encounter. The most obvious sexual encounter is the couple who have had a bitter break up but that was very closely followed by people unfriending each other because of an extra-marital affair. These affairs were usually with work colleagues, a spouse’s friend or even an old school friend that you have not seen in years.

You are Just too Opinionated

Most people refuse to discuss subjects such as politics or religion as these two subjects can create a heated argument like nothing else. Obviously there are plenty of other subjects that can create a good argument especially when it comes to Facebook. Many people unfriend you simply because you are just far too opinionated about everything. Not only are you far too opinionated you happen to be one of these people who always have to be right. If this does sound like you then you could find people unfriending you on Facebook because they are sick of listening to you always claim to be right about everything.

That Drunk Incident You Do Not Remember

We have all had a little bit too much to drink from time to time and woke up in the morning unable to remember the night before. The problem with this is that while you do not recall last night there are plenty of other people who do. Maybe it was just so bad that you have awoken to a huge reduction in the number of Facebook friends on your friends list.

You Are So Annoying

If you happen to be aged 30 or above you have probably found that part of the attraction with Facebook is how it put you back in contact with your old school friends who you lost contact with.  It was probably a great feeling to learn what everyone was up to and what they had done with their lives. The problem with this is if your old school friends found you annoying at school then they will probably still finds you annoying on Facebook and unfriend you.

You Co-Workers Hate You

In years gone by if you happened to quit one job and move to another you would lose contact with the majority of your co-workers. Nowadays because of Facebook there is a good chance that you will probably remain in contact with most of the people you work with throughout your life. Obviously this may not be the case if all of your co-workers actually think that you are a total dick and were glad to see you hand in your two week notice. You may well find that your former co-workers suddenly start unfriending you and are overjoyed that their workday will no longer involve bitching about you behind your back. You might even find that they have thrown you a leaving party but not invited you.

You Are Just Way to Awesome

It is a sad fact of life that there are some people in this world who are not happy unless they are 100% the centre of attention with all eyes focused on them. If someone else happens to take a little of the limelight some people cannot deal with it. If you find that someone has randomly unfriended you on Facebook it may be because you are just way to awesome. Some people may not be able to deal with every status you make been awesomely funny or the photos you post showing piles of cash on your coffee table or your swimming pool in the background. They might think you are just rubbing their nose in your awesomeness if they also notice photos of you with your celebrity friends and your super sexy spouse.

In fact you are probably just so awesome that you have thousands of Facebook friends and haven’t even noticed some jealous individual unfriending you.

The Friend You Lost in a Break Up

Everyone knows that when a couple breaks up they will fight over who gets the house, the car, the kids and the collection of Barry Manilow records. What few people realise is that when a relationship breaks up the couple also tends to split the friends as well. This can lead to a reduction in the number of friends on you Facebook friend list. Maybe the person who has unfriended you was never really your friend in the first place and you lost them just like you lost your house and dog.

It Was You Who Unfriended Them

I am pretty sure that we have all unfriended someone at least once. It actually happens quite a lot. You scroll through your friend list and notice that person who you are no longer friends with so you decide to cut your losses and delete them. The next day you get the call from them demanding to know why you unfriended them. You have two choices in this situation. You can tell them you have no idea how this has happened and that it must be a fault with the Facebook website or you can tell them the truth. That they are nerds and you think they are particularly sad and obviously so desperate that they have to ring around people who have unfriended them on Facebook.

10 Ridiculously Funny Reasons You Should Always Logout of Facebook

We all know that it is important to logout of your Facebook account once you have finished using it. After all the consequences of not logging out can be bad. Very bad. Unfortunately we all occasionally forget to logout and here are 10 hysterical examples of what happens when you forget to logout of your Facebook account.











8 Gadget Inventions We Are All Desperate Are All Waiting For

Since time began we have looked to the world of science fiction with excited enthusiasm to the technologies of tomorrow but some of them simply never seem to come. Yes, we have flat screen televisions and smartphones that are more powerful than the computers used to land on the moon but the really cool technologies always seem to be years away.

Here we are looking at 8 Gadget Inventions We Are All Desperate Are All Waiting For.

The Self-Driving Car

Nowadays car manufacturers are required to meet a huge array of safety standards when designing and making their vehicles. Regardless of how many safety features a car may have accidents continue to happen. This is largely because of human error or negligence while driving. We are probably all guilty of trying to drive while eating, texting, talking or applying makeup. When you look at it like that you know the self-driving car makes perfect sense. Not only would it be pretty cool it could save lives.

Scientists have been working on the self-driving car since the 1990’s. In fact the U.S. Department of Transport sponsored the National Automated Highway System Consortium (NAHSC), who successfully demonstrated the potential of radar, magnetic and visual sensors that could a allow a vehicle to navigate a specially prepared section of road.

It may seem strange to learn that the current leader in the development of a self-driving is internet giant, Google. Google have been, since the mid 2000’s, using its team of scientists and engineers to develop an automatic car which can use artificial intelligence and Google Maps to safely navigate. According to reports Google’s self-driving cars have already driven over 200,000 miles on California roads and have never yet been involved in an accident apart from one accident where a Google self-driving car was involved in a 5 car smash when a human was in control of it.

The only thing that is holding Google and their self-driving car from further development is federal and state regulatory approval.

The Flying Car

Flying cars have long been a dream of many especially those who have seen Back to the Future or Blade Runner. There have been many prototype flying cars over the years but each one has either been a car that can act like and plane or a plane that can act like a car. We are yet to see a flying car that we can drive off the freeway and up to the skyway.

Starting in 1996 NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project began to explore and research possibilities of antigravity. Unfortunately the necessary technology to create anything considered antigravity is still beyond our capabilities so we are still waiting to see Marty McFly on a hoverboard or Doc Brown flying a DeLorean.

The City Under the Sea

Science fiction stories have long made us dream of wonderful sprawling metropolis’s that lay beneath the waves. Amazingly the many environmental problems that the world is now facing could actually force the human race to speed up the realisation of the underwater dream.

Through the 1950’s and 1960’s there were many experiments that proved humans can indeed live under the sea but fast forward 50 years and we are still no closer to an underwater city. This maybe because living underwater or building an underwater city is not an easy thing to do and more importantly it is not cheap.

Maybe if technology makes underwater living easier or cheaper we will continue the dream of a city under the sea.

Owning Robot Maids

As humans we are always looking for ways and technologies to make our lives a little easier. It is because of this desire to make life a little easier the idea of a robotic maid is so appealing.

There have been huge advancements in the worlds of robotics and artificial intelligence in recent years although we are still a long way away from robotic maids that look like Rosie, the robotic maid from The Jettson’s. While robotic technology continues to evolve and advance currently we do have vacuum cleaners which can move around the house automated and microwave ovens which have smart programs we are looking at a long wait until we have a robotic maid which will take over all of the household chores.

Holidays on Mars.

It was way back in the July of 1969 that Apollo 11 first landed humans on the moon. That mission remains to this very day the furthest distance a human has travelled from Earth. Back in 1969 it seemed like only a matter of time before we moved onto Mars and even other planets in our solar system. Then once we had reached these distant planets it is only natural that things would progress and we would all be taking vacations on Mars.

Jump forward a few decades and human space travel has well and truly come to a halt and there is only a handful of people who have set foot on the moon and no one has even been close to Mars.

Sure, there are a few companies which over the chance of a trip into space but this are only available to those who have a $100,000 or more to spare. While I am sure that maybe someday holidays on Mars will be like a weekend in the country but I doubt that it will be in your grandchild’s lifetime.

A Meal in a Pill

It was back in the 1800’s that people first began dreaming of a 100-percent synthetic food derived from chemicals which could then be consumed in tablet form.  The idea of an entire meal in tablet form is still a dream of humans as it would help save people a lot of time and would also help solve much of the world’s hunger problems. It would also eliminate the risk of famine in the event of crop failures or various other natural disasters.

When it comes to actually developing such a pill science has hit many obstacles along the way. Currently scientists are still struggling to find a way to alter the very laws of physics and find a way to pack in all of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients into a small pill. This is not to mention the 2,000 calories that a human needs each and every day. At this point the meal in a pill dream is still very much still a thing of science fiction.


I am sure that most guys out there saw Sean Connery in Thunderball strap on a jetpack and wish they had their very own personal jetpack. Amazingly the personal jetpack is not the creation of Hollywood or science fiction. It is actually the creation of some pretty clever German scientists during the years of World War 2.

Since then various governments and scientists have pursued the dream of developing a jetpack capable of allowing humans to take to the skies with one of the biggest problems been not finding a way to carry enough fuel. It was as recent as 2011 that a New Zealand company named, Martin Aircraft managed to use a remote controlled jetpack to demonstrate the ability to reach an altitude of 5,000 feet and then cruise along at a speed of 62 miles per hour. The craft was able to stay in the air for over 30 minutes. The signs are now looking good for you to own your very own personal jetpack but it is worth noting that there is no sign this jetpack will be offered for sale anytime soon.

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10 Cool Star Wars Facebook Covers and Banners

Just the other day we were messing around with Facebook covers and banners and it dawned on us that it is possible to create some really awesome and cool  designs.

Of course, this been a geek based website, the obvious choice of for Facebook covers and banners must be of a Star Wars theme. So, what we have done is brought 10 of the best Facebook covers and banners together for this post and offered them to you for free. Enjoy!

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Tupac Appears Live on Stage in Ultra-Real Holographic Form [video]

Since the death of Tupac Shakur back in 1996 fans around the world have pondered over many conspiracy theories. Some of his fans even believe that he is still alive.

You can imagine how many jaws hit the floor when Tupac appeared live on stage at the Coachella music festival over the weekend performing along side Snoop Dog and Dr Dre. Unfortunalty Tupac had not actually risen from the dead but was able to appear on stage via some amazing state of the art holographic technology. So amazing is the holographic technology you will be hard pressed to tell that it is actually a hologram and not Tupac himself.

How Tupac Rose from the Dead in Holographic Form.

The hologram of Tupac was put together by video technology firm AV Concepts with the help of James Cameron’s visual effects company, Digital Domain.

It used a mix of previously recorded live footage (thought to be from a 1996 Death Row concert), CGI and an 19th Century magic trick called Pepper’s Ghost.

The hologram effect was created using a system developed by London-based Musion, which employs an advanced version of Pepper’s Ghost to great effect.

While the traditional illusion uses light partially reflected off a pane of glass, Musion’s version involves a custom-developed foil to create more believable images.

Check out the video of the performance below and let us know which other dead stars you would love to see take to the stage. I’m betting someone mentions Kurt Cobain.

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10 Signs that You Are Addicted to Technology

It is easy to see many of the massive improvements that technology makes to our lives. Most of these improvements go mostly unnoticed yet if technology did not exist we would find ourselves lost. That said technology, like most things in life, does not come without its negative side. There are an ever increasing number of people who are finding themselves crossing the line of dependence on technology and are now excessively reliant on technology and the gadgets it provides us. Some people would call that an addiction to technology.

I am sure that there are many people who are reading this can relate and there will also be people who are reading this who are addicted to technology without even knowing it.

Here we take a look at 10 signs that you are addicted to technology. Hopefully the information here may help you be a user of technology rather than an addicted slave to it.

Checking Your Email Every Hour

Before technology began to dominate and invade every aspect of our lives if we found a time when we were bored we would meet up with friends or find something else which was useful and meaningful to fill the time. This is no longer the case. Today we would rather sit on our bums and wait for excitement to magically happen.  Since most people will have access to a computer 24 hours a day these times of boredom can be filled with the need to check our emails continuously throughout the day. If you find that you are checking your email at least once an hour yet you rarely receive and email then you really could find something more worthwhile to do with your time.

Your Life Stops Without Your Smartphone

When mobile cell phones first began to hit the market they were rather simple bits of technology that did not do much. It was no big deal if you happened to leave the house or go to the toilet without it. Fast forward to today and you have the majority of the population who feel completely naked if they do not have their cell phone in their hand. While smartphones certainly are capable of doing some pretty cool and clever tasks you really need to take a chill pill if you cannot bear to be out of contact via a cell phone for a few minutes or if you find yourself sat on the toilet playing angry birds or updating a Facebook status.

You Are a Compulsive Gadget Buyer

The best way to sum up a compulsive gadget buyer is by taking a look at your average Apple customer. These are the people that you see lining up outside the Apple store to buy the latest Apple gadget because it has an extra 5 pixels on its screen. If this sounds like yourself or if you own more gadgets than you are ever going to use then you may have a serious gadget addiction.

You Never Write by Hand

Back in the days before computers, smartphones, and tablets we used to pick up a pen and paper if we wanted to write something or take down a few notes. Nowadays if you want to take down some notes you reach for your laptop or smartphone. In fact many people nowadays will seldom pick up a pen or pencil even if they have to search for ten minutes to find an electronic device. If this sounds like you are probably relying on technology too much.

You Have More Computers in Your House than People

It is pretty much normal nowadays for each member of a family to have their own personal computer or laptop. While this in itself is not a problem it could be an indication of a problem if you happen to own 5 laptops, a tablet and two phones then you know you have some kind of addiction technology.

You Own More than One Solar Charger.

It is all well and good that you are prepared for every emergency and there is no denying that a solar charger is a handy bit of tech for those of you who enjoy spending time outside. There is taking the idea of being prepared to far and if you happen to keep extra solar chargers with you just in case you need to charge two devices up at once then you probably have an unhealthy obsession with gadgets.

You Have a Bag Full of Gadgets When You Travel

Most of us will take a gadget with us when we travel. A gadget can be a great way to relieve the boredom while we travel especially if we happen to be traveling long distances. There are people who take this to a whole new extreme by taking an extra bag with them which is filled with gadgets. There is little chance that you are really going to use all of those gadgets and if you happen to be on holiday you really need to think about how relaxed you are going to be with all of those gadgets spilling out of your bag.

Your Social Life is Mostly Computer-Mediated

There is no denying that the age of computers and the internet has revolutionised the way we communicate and interact. This is a wonderful thing which allows us to communicate with people all over the world in a heartbeat. Trouble may be coming into paradise if you happen to find that the majority of your social life takes place in cyberspace. There are an ever growing and worrying number of people who are losing the ability to connect and interact with others in the real world. Maybe this is why people today often complain of feeling so lonely/

You Are Always Looking For Excuses to Stay Inside

Most gadgets tend to be used indoors. If you have an unhealthy obsession with gadgets you may find that you constantly use ridiculous excuses to stay home rather than go outdoors and interact with others. This is very anti-social and is unhealthy. You may want to consider that before the technology comes along that will upload your mind and personality to a computer.

You Don’t Know How to do Nothing

The ability to sit and relax is a good and vital part of our lives. It is important that every now and then we sit ourselves down and do absolutely nothing. That is what relaxing is about. If you are little too reliant on technology you may find that you never sit down and do nothing. You constantly have a gadget in your hands. While this may make you feel cool and complete you have to realise that you are never getting the chance to unwind and relax which will lead to high levels of stress. That in itself can lead to many health problems.

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6 Tasks Every Windows User Should be Able to Do

An absolute astonishing number of people use Microsoft Windows as the operating system for their computer. Amazingly out of all the people in the world who use Microsoft Windows there are plenty who are not aware of some of the most basic tasks required to keep their operating system running smoothly. In fact man people do not even realise that from time to time you may need to change a setting on your computer or know how to recover your system from any number of disasters.

Here we take a look at a few tasks that every Microsoft Windows user should understand and know how to do.

Opening the Command Prompt.

Sometimes when you run into a computer problem the Windows based operating system is simply incapable of getting the job done. At times like these it is best to turn to what is known as the command prompt. It is really simple to access the command prompt all you need to do is click start, click run, type CMD. It may be hard to believe that most people do not even know how to do this simple task. It really is amazing how powerful the command prompt is. It can be used for a whole range of tasks including troubleshooting system problems on a microscopic level.

Accessing the Boot Menu and Booting into Safe Mode.

The boot menu of your computer is a handy menu which when accessed allows you to choose which state your computer boots up in. This is particularly handy if you are experiencing computer problems such as viruses or other programming errors. By accessing your computers boot menu and booting in safe mode you will be allowed access to various key components of your computers system which gives you the opportunity to troubleshoot things and rid yourself of various problems.

You can access your computers Boot Menu by simply pressing F8 when your computer is booting, just before the Windows logo appears.

Access Your Computers BIOS

The BIOS of your computer is vitally important in getting your computer to run correctly. The BIOS is responsible for running things that your operating system does not. Things such as your computers fans which keep it cool, the order in which your computer chooses to boot from its hard drives and various other hardware related items.

There are several ways in which to access your computers BIOS depending on the model of computer that you have. You will usually see an option flash on screen as the computer is booting which says to press a certain key to access the setup or boot menu. Usually the key you will need to press to access your computer BIOS is either F1, F2, DEL, ESC, F10, or F12. If you do not have access to your computers manual or see no indication of which key is used when your computer is booting then it is advisable to boot your computer several times and try each key till you find the correct one.

Search / Filter by Date.

If you are unsure of the exact name of a file that you are searching for but you happen to know the date on which it was installed, accessed or modified then you can use the search by date feature of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

In the search box you simply type ‘datecreated mm/dd/yyyy’ or ‘datemodified mm/dd/yyyy’  or ‘dateaccessed mm/dd/yyyy.’

Access the Task Manager.

If you are unlucky enough to have a software program that won’t shut down or other unruly process which will just not go away you may need to access the task manager which will allow you to do this. You can access the task manager by simply pressing CTRL, ALT, DEL together.

Access and Use the Control Panel.

The control panel within the Windows operating system is very important and it is even more important that you know how to access it and use it to fix problems and make necessary alterations, big and small, to your Windows PC.

In order to access the Windows control panel simply go to ‘My Computer’ and you will see the option named ‘Control Panel’ which you click on. You can also access the control panel through the Start Menu.

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5 Tools Everyone Should Own for PC Maintenance

Just like a car or a bike, computers are wonderful pieces of machinery which can be kept in tip top shape with a little love and care from their owner. Of course to make sure that our computers are looked after and maintained to the highest possible order it is important that we use the correct tools for the job.

Here are 5 Tools Everyone Should Own for PC Maintenance.

Compressed Air.

When it comes to keeping your PC in tip top order a can of compressed air is an absolute must. When it comes to keeping the internals of your computer dust free compressed air is a convenient and effective way to blow dust off the electrical and keep fans and heat sinks free from dust. Dust in a heat sink can make it useless and in turn will cause your processor to overheat. It may be argued that you could use a cloth to remove dust from your PC components but computer components are very delicate so if you can use compressed air to blow the dust away there is very little risk of damaging anything.

You can buy a can of compressed air from most PC related stores. Multi-packs of compressed air are available very cheaply from Amazon.

Screwdriver Set.

If you are thinking about opening up your computer for any reason you are going to need a screwdriver. The same can be said if you are wishing to install components such as hard drives, video cards or sound cards. You may find that you need several different types of screwdriver to deal with all of your computer related repairs.

My recommendation is that you buy a PC repair kit which you can pick up from Amazon for about $30.00.

Monitor Screen Cleaner.

Most people these days use flat screen LCD monitors or a laptop so the last thing that you want to be doing with these is taking water of any description to it. Once your computer or laptop screen starts to get dirty you want to keep some screen cleaner handy which can be bought from any good computer store. As always if you are looking for the best deal on screen cleaner we recommend you check out Amazon who has a wide range of screen cleaners.

Software Tools.

Most people when putting together tools for computer maintenance forget to include any software tools. Software tools are essential to keeping your computer running smoothly so make a point of having reliable antivirus, anti-spyware software as well as boot discs and a good reliable registry cleaner.

Static Grounding Bracelets.

Whenever you open up you PC or games console it is essential that you have static grounding bracelets. Without them you run the risk of creating a static shock which, if it happens, will render your electronics completely useless. If you open up your computer yourself it is not a case of if you get a static shock it is a case of when you get a shock. Again you can buy static grounding bracelets from Amazon.

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Amazing Legged DARAP Robot NavigatesStairs [video]

We have seen some pretty amazing robots over the past decade or two one of which is Asimo from Honda.

When it comes to amazing humanoid robots the DARPA robot featured in this video can now navigate stairs at speed in the same way that a human can. Take a look at the video and you will be amazed this robot.

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