The Worlds Greatest Rocky Quiz

I bet every single person who is reading this loves a good old fashioned Rocky training montage. Whatever type of movie you happen to enjoy it is hard to deny that the Rocky movies are timeless classics which never fail to inspire you.

Now for all of you Rocky fans out there here is the worlds greatest ever Rocky quiz. How will you shape up. Feel free to share it with your friends and see if they can do better than you.

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17 Freaky Beauties from The Jeremy Kyle Show

The Jeremy Kyle Show is a television show from the UK very similar to the likes of the Jerry Springer Show. Basically the Jeremy Kyle Show takes the absolute dregs and low life’s from society and puts them and their bizarre problems on TV so the rest of the nation can have a good laugh at these freaks.

To show you just how freaky these dregs are here are 17 freaky beauties from the Jeremy Kyle show.


















9 Most Shameless Product Placements in Movies

Personally I always find it amazing that many people fail to realise that movies both big and small take large sums of money from companies to place products throughout the feature. This means when you head to the cinema to watch the latest summer blockbuster you are unknowingly been bombarded with all kinds of advertisements subliminally urging you to remember products without even knowing it.

Here are some of the most shameless product placements in movies. Feel free to add your own examples.

Superman 2

The producers of Superman 2 were paid a cool $25,000 by cigarette company, Marlboro. The payment was for the producers to include a Marlboro truck slap bang in the middle of the movies final fight scene. Not only does a Marlboro truck appear right in the middle of all the action Superman himself is thrown into large truck with a huge Marlboro logo plastered all over it. The camera lingers on the logo as Superman climbs out from the mangled wreck.

As you can imagine there are many moral implications of using a children’s superhero to promote cigarettes. When the movie was released there were plenty of parents who complained.
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Fight Club

Fight Club is a movie about guys fighting. It is about ripping into and exposing corporations for all of their evil doings. Summed up the movie is all very anti-establishment so it is probably surprising to learn that there were plenty companies happy to pay huge sums of money for a little product placement.

Ed Norton’s apartment is filled with products from IKEA and in one scene it even turns into an IKEA catalogue. In other scenes characters wreck a Starbucks, break into an Apple store and smash up a Volkswagen car. I suppose if you are going to go out of your way to insult and offend huge companies you may as well let them pay you for the privilege.
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Jerry Maguire

spot the beer advert in the background

Fight Club is not the only movie out there which managed to offend a company which it was financially involved with. Throughout the movie we hear Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) complain that he is getting no love from Reebok as they will not offer him any endorsement deals. According to sources from Reebok executives gave good money on the understanding that the film would end with Reebok offering Rod Tidwell his endorsement deal with the tag line “Rod Tidwell, We ignored him for years. We were wrong. We’re sorry.”

Unfortunately for Reebok this scene never made it into the final cut of the movie. The end result is Reebok been left to look like the cold hearted conglomerate that never recognises the heartfelt passion and talent of Rod Tidwell. Reebok even sued TriStar Pictures due to the misunderstanding. Reebok claimed they were promised that they would be portrayed in a positive light.
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Demolition Man

For those of you who don’t know the movie Demolition man takes a modern day Sylvester Stallone and cryogenically freezes him until the year 2032. You would expect him to wake up to a highly advanced society with highly advanced foods but instead he finds out that the food of the future is provided by Taco Bell. Apparently Taco Bell is the only restaurant in existence in the future due to what will become known as the franchise wars. Talk about obvious product placement.
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Back to the Future

Way back in 1985 the cola wars were in full swing and Pepsi was actually wining that war. Keen to capitalise on their runaway success Pepsi featured heavy throughout the Back to the Future movies. In the first movie Marty McFly walks into the 1955 café and orders a ‘Pepsi Free’ which is their diet drink. During the second movie Marty is told by Doc Brown to go into the Café 80’s and order a Pepsi. Doc Brown then gives him a $50 bill to pay for the soft drink.

There are hundreds of further product placements throughout the movies including the Nike shoes Marty wears in all three movies, Mattel as the company who manufacture the hoverboard or even the DeLorean car as the time machine.
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The first of the Spiderman movies which were a huge hit for Sony included a barrage of continently placed product placements. The most obvious been the long close up shot of the Dr Pepper can as Peter Parker goes about testing out his web slinging abilities in his bedroom.

Dr Pepper is just the tip of the iceberg with Carlsberg trucks appearing through the movie not to mention a huge number of billboards on display which feature companies like Samsung and Budweiser. Even Sony signed singer Macy Gray turns up at one point during a Green Goblin attack so she can sell a couple of extra albums.
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When it comes to product placement in movies Michael Bay has no limits as to how low he will go. Pretty much all of his films are littered with constant advertisements been shoved in your face and Transformers is probably one of his most shameless efforts.

Not only do the transformers themselves serve the purpose of promoting the transformers toys that kids play with they also promote lovely shiny cars such as the Chevrolet Camaro that Bumblebee transforms into.

You probably also noticed that Shia Labeouf spends a huge amount of his time selling things on EBay (yes EBay advertises in movies) and the more observant of you probably noticed an Xbox 360 transforming into a robot at one point.

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The Invention of Lying

The most obvious of product placements through this Ricky Gervais movie has to be when he reads his ten commandments which are wrote on the back of two Pizza Hut boxes. There are also various other lengthy sequences during the movie where products feature heavily. Products such as Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

Despite what appears to be obvious product placement throughout the entire movie the co-director Mathew Robinson denied that producers had been involved with any product placement deals. He claimed that the products featured so the film had a sense of reality and realism. This is pretty hard to believe since the constant bombardment of products becomes more memorable than the movie itself.

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Castaway was that movie starring Tom Hanks where he gets himself stranded on a desert island for a few years. It may well be hard to find a way to conveniently promote products on a desert island but Castaway manages to do just that.

Firstly the character of Tom Hanks is an employee of FedEx and the company is mentioned throughout the movie along with their logo been clearly visible on packages that are washed ashore.

In order for Tom Hanks to have a dialog during the movie the screenwriter gave his character volleyball with a face drawn on it. Of course the volleyball has the Wilson brand on it and since the ball is a character in the movie the ‘Wilson’ brand features heavily during the movie.

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3 Things About Batman That Make No God Damn Sense

Don’t get me wrong, the latest Batman movies are quite enjoyable. Having said that, there is plenty about these movies (and the whole idea of Batman) that really makes no goddamn sense.

There are Easier Ways to Save a City

Although dressing up in a rubber suit to fight crime and save the city makes a good movie there are many simpler ways to go about it. Especially if you happen to have the wealth and resources of Bruce Wayne.

Gotham City is very similar to the city of Chicago only with a population four times the size. With that in mind you can work out a few statistics about Gotham. Chicago has a high crime rate with about 9500 crimes per 100,000 people which equates to approximately 285,000 crimes a year. If you use that statistic and apply it to Gotham and its larger population you are looking at a city with around one million crimes each and every year.

According to various sources there are at least eight crime families similar to the mafia that operate in Gotham City. There are also a further twelve less powerful street gangs also operating throughout the city. It is plausible that each of these criminal organisations would consist of a few thousand members from the top level right down to the street level. Realistically we are looking at around 100,000 career criminals operating in Gotham City.

In Batman Begins we hear how crime is always closely related to poverty so that means there are 100,000 people in Gotham City who have turned to crime because they have lived in poverty. It would cost a mere $6 billion to employ these 100,000 poverty stricken criminals in a well-paid job of around $60,000 a year.

If Wayne Enterprises were to employ these 100,000 people in the field of private security Gotham’s crime rate would be massively reduced leaving only a few psychos to fight with those who cannot be rehabilitated. The $6 billion price tag on employing these people would hardly make a dent in the profits of Wayne Enterprises not that it matters as there would be a huge demand for well-equipped private security firms to protect against the remaining nut jobs. Wayne Enterprises could really cash in on this and in one easy flick of his wrist Bruce Wayne could wipe out crime and revitalise the economy of Gotham City at the same time.

How Does He Afford to be Batman?

According to Forbes Magazine Bruce Wayne’s personal fortune is in the region of $6.9 billion with his company, Wayne Enterprises, raking in $31 billion in a year. That is certainly no small sum.

Bruce Wayne spends around $3.5 million for a single bat suit and bat mobile but the real cost of being Batman comes when Bruce Wayne has to hide his secret identity. He does this with excessive partying and extravagant spending which keeps the Bruce Wayne persona so bizarre and out of touch that no one would ever think that he is actually Batman.

His excessive spending includes things like impulse buying hotels and cancelling a show so he can party with the entire cast. He had a huge bill when it came to rebuilding Wayne Manor and has a regular expense keeping his butler, Alfred in employment. With this sort of excess even $6.9 billion would quickly dry up and run out.

The only way for Bruce Wayne to live the lifestyle he does without finding himself stood on the street shaking a cup would be to embezzle money from Wayne Enterprises. If you do the maths keeping Batman going is so expensive it is beyond believe it took until The Dark Knight movie for an accountant to notice huge amounts of money was been syphoned off along with god knows how many other company resources. It was my understanding that this sort of thing was highly illegal so it just does not make sense that a multi-billion dollar company would turn a blind eye to such embezzlement.

If Batman doesn’t finds himself in jail for vigilantism it is a certainty that Bruce Wayne would find himself in jail for fraud.

The Cost to the City of Gotham

As you can see there is an extraordinary cost to Bruce Wayne’s personal fortune for him to beat up people who are living in poverty and been forced to turn to a life of crime. Although Batman has a “no killing policy” every time we see Batman in a confrontation with a criminal he manages to leave them physically incapable of ever performing an honest day’s work in the future. In fact some of the injuries we see him inflict on people makes you wonder whether it is really the most humane of things to let these people live.

Think about it this way, Batman and his way of working creates a huge potential cost for Gotham City. There is the massive cost of the incarcerating all of these criminals not to mention the money it will cost for their medical treatment, physiotherapy and disability benefits. All of this equals a massive drain on the finances of Gotham all because of Batman. This is all before we start to take account of damage to private property that Batman himself causes and the cost to the police of running a dedicated Batman task force.

Is Batman and Bruce Wayne really interested in saving Gotham City or is he just wanting to live out his own comic book childhood fantasy regardless of the cost?

5 Reasons the Back to the Future Franchise Makes No God Damn Sense

The back to the future movies could well be one of the most watched trilogies ever and that is not just because Marty nearly makes out with his mom or because everyone wants her boobs to pop out of that prom dress.

Everyone loves back to the future because we all secretly fantasize about travelling through time ourselves.

The problem with watching the back to the future movies over and over is that you suddenly realise that there are so many things that make no god damn sense.

You Can’t Grow Old if You Are Not There

If you have found yourself reading this article I will assume that you have seen all three back to the future movies, but let us recap on a couple of key points from the second movie.

In the future, the year 2015 to be exact, Marty McFly’s son finds himself in a spot of bother with the law. Cutting a long story short Griff Tannen, the grandson of Biff Tannen, bully’s Marty’s son into coming along on an illegal activity and the end result is that Marty’s son ends up serving thirty years in jail. Doc Brown decides that the best course of action is to take Marty to the future so he can stop the events from taking place. As the movie progresses we see Doc and Marty travel to the future and successfully stop Marty’s son from becoming involved with Griff’s gang. As with all the Back to the Future movies there are plenty side plots along the way such as Marty bumping into his future self and realising that his son is identical to him in every way.

Now don’t get me wrong, this all makes a great movie which you can cheerfully watch over and over again but there is a huge gaping hole in the entire plot of the second movie.

If the Marty McFly from 1985 travels through time to the year 2015 there would be no Marty left to grow up, get married and have kids. This means that when Marty arrives in the future his son would not have been born and there would be no middle-aged Marty who had given up on his music and found himself in a dead end job.

Call it nit picking but when you are messing around with the space time continuum you have to get your facts straight.

Time Travel Paradoxes

As I am sure everyone reading will remember in the first movie Marty travels back to the year 1955 and manages to interfere with his parents meeting for the first time. While Doc Brown goes about trying to make sure he can send Marty back to the future Marty must engineer a way for his parents to get it on. If he fails to get his parents to hook up then things for Marty McFly are going to be nothing short of disastrous.

By disastrous I mean his parents won’t get married, have sex and therefore Marty McFly will never be born. Throughout the movie Marty is able to gauge his success by looking at a photograph of himself with his brother and sister. As time runs out Marty and his siblings begin to disappear from gradually from the photo.

This is where the problems begin in the story line. If Marty prevents his parents from hooking up this means Marty and his siblings will never be born and the photograph will never exist. The movie, however, has other ideas on how the fabrics of space time would work and show Marty’s brother stood with no head. This means that since Marty prevented the first meeting of his parents he was still born as was his siblings only he has managed to create a universe where his brother is born but with no head. That just does not make any sense but we will leave that for a moment.

If Marty prevented his parents from ever meeting then he would cease to exist as instantly as parents failed to meet. This means that he would not be around to engineer a way for them to get together for the first time. Of course this means since Marty is now never going to be born, he would not be around to travel back in time and bollocks everything up in the first place. Once he cannot travel back in time there will be nothing to stop his parents meeting so then he can be born and can then travel back in time.

The whole thing goes round and round till your head explodes but you get the idea. It just does not work.

Doing Things the Hard Way

At the end of Back to the Future 2 we see Doc Brown flying the DeLorean when it is struck by lightning and catapulted back to the year 1885. With no way to get back he hides the DeLorean in a cave and arranges for a letter to be delivered to Marty explaining where the time machine is hidden so he can get back to the future.

Marty quickly discovers that Doc Brown dies several days after writing the letter so Marty decides he must go back to 1885 in order to save his friend. Everything seems to go as planned until Marty manages to rip a hole in the fuel tank of the DeLorean which causes a bit of a problem because in 1885 it is a safe bet there will be no gas station in Hill Valley until at least 1940. The rest of the movie is about Doc and Marty trying to find a way to propel the time machine to 88mph without fuel and without the necessary parts to repair the DeLorean.

You must admit that there is plenty going on there to fill out a two hour long movie and boy do they do that. The problem of no parts and no fuel is solved by placing the DeLorean on a railway track where a train will push it up to 88mph and catapult it back to the future.

The problem is if you have a guy like Doc Brown who is smart enough to design and build a time machine it is hard to believe he lacks the ability to think of the most obvious and simple solution to a problem.

Surely, rather than adapting the time machine to run on rails and hijacking a train it would have made much more sense that Doc Brown had just took the necessary spare parts from the DeLorean which he had hidden in the cave. After all, at this point there are two DeLorean time machines that exist at this point in 1885. Heck, Doc Brown could have even taken that gasoline from the hidden DeLorean solving all the problems quickly and easily with no need to hang around and no need to hijack a train.

And before anyone jumps to point out how that borrowing parts from the DeLorean in the cave would have an impact on what is left for Marty in 1955 can I just point out the following. Yes, borrowing parts from the DeLorean would indeed mean that a fuel tank would be needed as would gasoline but both of these are readily available in 1955.

Technically we should not complain too much about this obvious solution to the entire third movie as if Doc Brown had opted for the common sense approach we would only have two movies and a television special that was not particularly exciting.

Spot the Difference

If I were to ask you to think back to your teenage years I am sure there are something’s that you will remember more than others. For example you will probably recall the moment you lost your virginity but you are unlikely to recall what you had for a snack afterwards.

If we think about the first Back to the Future movie and look at the young Lorraine Baines (McFly) of 1955. During the movie we see young Lorraine experience her first crush (who just so happens to be her son) and then meet and fall in love with her future husband. Like everyone else on the planet Lorraine is surely going to remember these events and that Marty McFly played a pivotal role in all of them?

What makes absolutely no sense is that Lorraine seems to be totally oblivious to the fact that her son seems to have a freakishly scary resemblance to her first crush and the guy who helped her hook up with her husband. It is kind of weird that the likes of Biff fails to spot the resemblance as well.

A Matter for Law Enforcement

As you can imagine when the police discover a group of dead and heavily armed Libyan terrorist in the parking lot of Twin Pine Mall, it is only a matter of time before they come looking for Marty McFly.

Even in 1955 most shopping malls in America would employ some kind of security tape and those tapes will show both Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the car park with the time machine. Even if, on slight chance there is no security tape, the terrorists would most likely have some form of documentation that would indicate they were looking for Doc Brown.

The authorities are quickly going to discover that Doc Brown completely disappeared after 1985 and his only friend is Marty McFly who was indeed with him hours before his mysterious disappearance. Police and the FBI would definitely raid the Doc’s house and discover evidence of his contact with the Libyans and his intentions to build a bomb (the excuse he gave the Libyans to acquire the plutonium). They would go through every inch of the Doc’s life with a fine toothcomb leaving no stone unturned.

Of course that would mean they would also do the same to Marty’s life. Within hours every law agency in the country would be on the lookout for Marty McFly and it is only a matter of time before they have him in an interview room with a spotlight in his face.

Put simply Marty McFly is screwed and he is going to have to sing like a canary to law enforcement about the time machine.

It is just a pity that the third movie failed to think of this when the movie ends with Marty and Jennifer all set to make the future whatever they want it to be.


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The Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

Since the first video cassette recorders made their way into our homes it has become something of the norm that we find a scene in a movie that we all love to pause. Unfortunately when we pause a movie using the good old VHS we were left with a still picture which jumped all over the place but nowadays we have DVD’s and Blu-ray’s so we can achieve the perfect paused still shot.

As you can imagine it is mostly guys who jump for the remote and pause button when there is the slightest hint of a nipple but women are just as guilty of hitting the pause but as men.

Here are the Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments.

1 . Sharon Stone crossing her legs – Basic Instinct

2. Jennifer Lopez naked rear – The Back-Up Plan

3. Stormtrooper bangs his head – Star Wars,  Episode IV,  A New Hope

4. Jamie Lee Curtis flash – Trading Places

5. Jessica Rabbit goes commando – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

6. Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital – Fight Club

7. Captain America’s shield appears on desk – Iron Man 2

8. Dust spells out ‘S.F.X’ – The Lion King

9. Pacman cameo – Tron

10. Nicole Kidman rear-end flash – Eyes Wide Shut

5 Movies You Did Not Know Had Really Bad Sequels

One of the golden rules of Hollywood movies is that if a movie is even modestly successful then a sequel is sure to follow.

Unfortunately just because the original movie was reasonably good there is no guarantee that the sequel will be even remotely watchable. With the exception of the Godfather 2 you could pretty much bet your last dollar that if a sequel exists then you may as well wipe your back side with it.


Just after John Travolta had shot to stardom in Saturday Night Fever he was shot to mega-stardom when he stared in the movie, Grease. Of course that was before he decided to flush his career down the toilet by staring in movies such as look who’s talking and Staying Alive (the sequel to Saturday night fever.)

Luckily for John Travolta he was able to fish his career from the toilet in the early 90’s, something that may not have been possible if he had decided to star in the sequel to Grease.

For those of you, who have not experienced the misery of watching the originally named Grease 2, let me some it up in a nut shell for you. Michelle Pfeiffer actually sings in the movie. If that does nothing to put you off then ask yourself how many movies she has sang in since. That is right, none! There is an obvious why as well.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

When it comes to really strange movies “The Rocky Horror Show” is one of the weirdest you can ever see. It is hard to understand exactly how a movie which was a huge box office flop manages to find its way to weird cult movie that no one has heard of, to famous cult move, to a huge mainstream hit. We can only assume it has something to do with the theme of the movie which is a cross between a 70’s gay disco and a bunch of transvestites on the starship enterprise.

Whatever the reason for the movies runaway success those of you who enjoy cross dressing or prancing around in ladies underwear will be glad to hear there is actually a sequel to the Rocky Horror Show. Before you rush out to bag yourself a copy, be warned that none of the original cast returned for the sequel. We imagine that is because the sequel was even weirder than the original.

Into the Blue

I am pretty sure that most people who saw “Into the Blue” probably have no idea what the movie was supposed to be about. As far as I understand (having looked it up on IMD) the plot has something to do with treasure at the bottom of the ocean and a group of rather sexy divers. One of those sexy divers is Jessica Alba.

I can only assume that most people have enough common sense to realise that if Jessica Alba is in a movie about water then swim suits are involved. Obviously this is going to be box office gold.

When it came to making the sequel of Into the Blue we must say that the movie studio were incredibly clever. They realised that no one would be going to watch this move for t’s storyline so they opted to cut costs by employing random sexy people instead of big stars.

Road House

Back in the 80’s Patrick Swayze was a really big deal. Not only did he refuse to leave Baby in the corner he stared in movies like Road House. Road House was quite a heart-warming tale of a guy ripping another guy’s throat out then driving a huge monster truck through a building for no apparent reason.

As we all know later in his life Patrick Swayze’s career took a bit of a nose dive and in the end he died of cancer. We would love to tell you that he did not suffer in the years leading up to his death but that would be a lie as he was well aware that Road House 2 was released.

Bring It On

Most guys will not admit this but the truth is they are more than happy to watch movies such as Bring it On. The reason is guys love cheerleaders in a big way. Not only that, they love them for really inappropriate reasons. They are athletic, toned and flexible.

I am sure you catch my drift as did the movie studios when they decided to make a sequel. Actually they made no less than four sequels. What they did not take into account is that a guy can own one “Bring it On” movie and claim it belongs to someone else but if they own all four they are going to be mocked forever.

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7 Unintentionally Funny Movie Disguises

When it comes to disguises no one does it quite like a Hollywood movie. This is because a Hollywood movie has literally millions of dollars to pay a fleet of makeup artists and wardrobe departments the size of a tropical island.

With such a wealth of utilities at their disposal it is hard to see how any movie disguise would ever appear a little on the hysterically funny or even pathetic side. Amazingly it happens more often that we care to admit. It is as if the makeup and wardrobe department simply gave up at the same time and just threw the actor in front of the camera.

Here we look at 7 Unintentionally Funny Movie Disguises.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Shakespeare in Love

The Disguise

Gwyneth dresses herself in men’s clothes and glues a little piece of fluff to her chin which is supposed to be her beard.

Why it is Hysterical

Back in the days before television it was not just Shakespeare who was popular. According to Shakespeare in Love, transvestites and cross-dressing was just as mainstream. Men everywhere wore Brian May wigs and dressed in tights that resembled something from a low budget Robin Hood movie.

It must be due to this cross-dressing fetish that Gwyneth Paltrow thought that she would be able to disguise herself as a man by simply sticking a bit of fluff to her chin. The result is she looks like the worlds least masculine man.

Chris Martin’s sex fantasy

Keeping in mind that Gwyneth Paltrow is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world it is hard to believe that she really believed such a hysterical and minimalistic disguise would fool anyone.

A more plausible explanation for this disguise is that Gwyneth’s husband (lead singer of Coldplay) has some sort of weird fetish for facial hair and the celebrity couples bedroom role play spilt over into a major feature film. This raises a million questions probably best left unanswered if Chris Martin really does make his wife wear facial hair to spice things up a little.

Matt Damon – Oceans Thirteen

The Disguise

A huge rubber nose

Why it is Hysterical

If you are looking to seduce a beautiful woman you may wish to try a different method than that used by Matt Damon’s character in this movie.

The rubber nose which can pleasure women everywhere

Rather than drugging her in an attempt to distract her Matt Damon and his fellow master thieves decide on an even better method. Apparently Matt Damon is not sexy enough to seduce a woman so he needs a little help. That help comes in the form of some fake tan and a huge rubber nose that makes you look like Gonzo from the Muppet Show.

As we all know there is nothing that makes a woman hotter than fake tan and an oversized rubber nose and huge nostrils.

Angelina Jolie – Salt

The Disguise

A professional rubber and latex face mask.

Why it is Hysterical

In the movie Salt is working for the CIA when she is accused of being a traitor who is on a secret mission to kill the president.  As soon as Angelina Jolie gets fingered (sudden influx of Google search results) she needs to remain under the radar the best she can.

a trans-gender operation gone wrong

How does she go about this? Well, she has obviously being watching Shakespeare in Love over and over so she decides to dress herself up as a man. Realising that sticking a few hairs on your chin is never going to fool the CIA Angelina opts for the use of latex skin applied to her face.

Unfortunately even the use of latex skin is not enough to turn Angelina Jolie into a man. Instead she ends up looking like a cross between a hormonally deficient mid-op transsexual with a butt chin and an 8 year old boy.

Roger Moore – Octopussy

The Disguise

A clown outfit.

Why it is Hysterical

Roger pushing his acting abilities to the absolute limit

The casting director for the Octopussy instalment of James Bond really must have just gave up trying when he decided to give the role of Britain’s most famous secret agent to Roger Moore. It is impossible to imagine Roger Moore as they kind of man that women find irresistible. Maybe whoever cast him in for the movie assumed he could attract women if he hypnotised them with his kinky smirk and raised eyebrow.

Obviously aware that he was not really suited for the role of 007, Roger Moore was 56 when he played 007 in Octopussy; the wardrobe department really had to go above and beyond to hide that fact. It is apparent that they did get tired of constantly trying to hide Roger’s age so they decided that an easier option would be to dress him as a clown.

Woody Harrelson – Anger Management

The Disguise

A man who once played a mass-murderer in Natural Born Killers dresses as a woman.

Why it is Hysterical

Most people were amazed to see the goofy guy from Cheers take on the role of a bad ass serial killer. It is one of those things that really need to be seen to be believed.

Woody on the left

Woody Harrelson unfortunately let the praise he received for his metamorphosis go to his head when dressed up as a woman, or transsexual she-male if you prefer, for his part in Anger Management.

I don’t know about you but his disguise was that good it was hard to tell despite that jaw line. Not!

Christopher Reeve – Superman

The Disguise

A pair of glasses

Why it is Hysterical

If you happen to be a guy who is stronger than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet and can leap tall buildings with a single bound you can bet your last dollar that everyone on the planet is going to know who you are and what you look like.

In Metropolis people are blind

What makes Superman’s disguise one of the most ridiculous ever is the idea that anyone would be fooled by nothing more than a pair of thick rimmed glasses. Stuffing feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken in the same way that dressing in spandex does not make you a wrestler, Mr Kent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Total Recall

The Disguise

A very clever robotic head and women’s clothing.

Why it is Hysterical

Arnold disguised as a woman was not all that funny at the time but when we watch the movie now the penny finally drops when you realise exactly what Arnold was playing at.

Not many people know that Arnold’s housekeeper had a small role in Total Recall

Most people look at the robotic female mask that Arnie is wearing and wonder where they have seen her before. Well, wonder no more as we have the answer. Total Recall would have been made around the time Arnie was slipping it to his weird looking housekeeper while his wife was in the next room. Obviously he was so fixated with her he decided to include her in one of his movie.

Like I have just pointed out, the disguise may not have been funny now but it sure as hell is now we know he was dressing up as his mistress. Or maybe he was just looking for an excuse to try on her knickers.

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