9 Shocking Vintage Ads That Would Probably be Banned Today

Over the years what we consider acceptable changes. Advertisements are certainly no different and an advert that was acceptable in 1950 may not be acceptable by today’s standards. Just check out these shocking old adverts that would probably be banned to day. All of them are real and genuine adverts.

10 Elevator Ads That Makes You Look Twice

Have you ever noticed that most elevators are nothing short of boring? Well, when you see these elevators your opinions may well change.

Superman, The Movie: Elevator

Creative elevator advertisement for Superman Movie.

Scared of losing your hair?

They used elevators in corporate offices and residential buildings to deliver the menssage. A face if a man was stuck on the elevator door.such that his hair was stuck on one door and rest on his face on the other. When the door opened, the hair pulled away. Another print was stuck in the inside of the elevator – Where the man was shown bald. The line read “Scared of losing your hair? Ask your doctor about Power of 1+4″.

Death is only a mater of time

The advert titled Elevator was done by UNCLE GREY advertising agency in Norway. Snuff is a new clothes brand made especially for hard-core skiers. The clothes are only sold in Oslo and Hernsedal. The client brief was to visualise Snuff`s selling idea: “death is only a mater of time”. The solution was to make stick-on labels in the shape of hands holding knives with bloody stains. The stickers which was mounted on elevator doors around Oslo, had three diferent messages: “Going down?” (for use on elevator doors on the lower floor) and “Going up?” (for use on elevator doors on the top floor). The finale message read the clients logo and website.

Look Inside

To promote the Body Worlds exhibit, these elevator doors were used displaying the outside of a human body and the message, look inside! Once the doors open, you have the opportunity to see the inside of the human body (stuck on the wall of course) just as you will see at the exhibit.

The Divorce lift

A Typical wedding photo was affixed to lift doors in a law firm.Unfortunately, every time the doors opened, the couple split up. But help was at hand for everyone in the same position as soon as they stepped into the lift: a sign showed the name of the law firm and which floor their office was on.

Keep your money in a safe place.

The advert titled Elevator was done by Ó! advertising agency for INSURANCE (ALLIANZ company) in Iceland reminding you to “keep your money in a safe place”

FIAT Punto parking sensor.

Stickers were applied to elevators doors giving the false impression that the doors were not shutting properly, with the objative of introducing FIAT Punto parking sensor.

Glass of milk

The traditional dunk of an Oreo cookie into a glass of milk was dramatized with the use of a panoramic elevator in a shopping mall. This attention-grabbing use of new media gave us one more way to show that Oreo is milk’s favorite cookie

Morning Alarm

This brilliantly executed idea was created by design agency Ogilvy Beijing of China for Maxwell House Coffee. When the doors opened, sleepy people in an office building were shocked awake, providing an effect that the designers figured mimics the effects of drinking a cup of coffee. The design wont an international design award for “Best Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale”in 2008.

Gold’s Gym Bodybuilder Elevator

Stickers showing two muscular arms were pasted outside the lift doors. Another sticker showing the torso of the body builder with arms stretched was pasted on the inside of the lift wall. When the lift door opened, the arms parted and looked as if the man is forcing the door open.

20 Regrettable Facebook Profile Photos

Social media websites are hugely popular which has led to millions of people posting photos of themselves striking poses that they think make them look cool. Obviously everyone has their own definition of what is cool.


It is hard to know what is the strangest thing about this photo. Is it the fact this weird looking dude is posing with a machine gun in front of a fitting room door or the fact he is so fat he will never fit through the fitting room door?


It is one thing to color your body in using marker pens but it is a total other thing to take photos of yourself and post them on the internet.


This could indeed be they type of hooker you would meet in hell.


Nice wooden sword.


A turtle neck sweatshirt and a woman’s hair style is not made macho by trying to pull a tough guy face. You just look like you are smelling a fart.


Man or woman?


Playmate of the year:- The hell edition.


It is beyond explanations why such a photo even exists.


Yes, because all comic book tough guy character pose in front of a kids playground.


Maybe the lack of a neck is causing a lack of oxygen to this things body and hence the colour.


Now that is what I call a floater.


Uh huh.


Real gangsta!


It is hard to say if this is make-up or some strange bruise.


Just because Heath Ledger looked cool does not automatically make you cool.


Since when has a fat suicidal kid wearing lipstick ever been cool.


Yes of course you look like a supermodel. A Supermodel that has fallen from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.


Bitchin eyelashes.


Maybe this is just some sort of strange allergic reaction.


Are you trying to show a spot or are you trying to smell your fingers from scratching your fat a@@?

20 Awfully Bizarre Automobile Fails

If you are anything like me you will have probably scene many car accidents and wondered how the heck the car ended up in that position. I bet none were as bizarre as these automobile fails.

1. You have to admire a bus driver with a sense of humor.

2. This is not the type of car you would turn into a monster truck.

3. Ironic.

4. Now this is one clever skateboard trick.

5. I can’t imagine why.

6. Ironic.

7. Frankincar.

8. Is that a hot dog?

9. If this was intended you would never be able to land a car there.

10. Maybe I should have paid attention to that sign.

11. Woops.

12. Nothing says class like styrofoam.

13. What I can’t understand is why the boat is not drifting away.

14. What are the chances of getting a car to balance like this?

15. I am pretty sure this is not the intended use for a shopping trolley wheel.

16. You can understand how a car ends up in some places but in this case……..

17. It is like that scene from Blues Brothers where they drive around the mall.

18. Nothing says child safety like the photo below.