Amazing Uses For Binder Clips That Will Solve all of Lifes Problems

I am sure that you will agree there are something’s in life that just drive you completely crazy and it appears there is just no solution. I’m talking about those annoying things in life that you cannot help sit and think, “boy, if someone could up with a solution to that problem then they would make a fortune.”

Well, believe it or not pretty much every problem in life has the potential to be solved with nothing more than a simple binder clip. (some people call them bulldog clips)

Just take a look at some of these everyday problems we have all ran into and how they can be solved with nothing more than a binder clip.

Beer Organizer.

It can be pretty annoying when you try to pile your beers up in the fridge especially if you need to place the bottles on their sides. As you will no doubt know they all start to slide all over the place. Well, to combat this problem all you need is a binder clip and there you go, you have your very own beer organizer.

SmartPhone Dock.

We all know that smartphone holders or smartphone docks can be pretty expensive. Not any more if you happen to have a couple of binder clips because you can make you very own smartphone dock just like in the photo below.

Razor Protection Cover.

We all know that razors are pretty damn sharp and can provide you with some serious cuts. Well not anymore. All you need is a simple binder clip and you can protect yourself from razor cuts and protect your razor from catching on things.

Money Clip.

Have you ever fancies looking really gangster with a money clip? Well, just grab yourself a binder clip and you are good to go.

iPad or Tablet Holder.

Just like smartphone docks any dock you buy for your nice shiny tablet is probably going to set you back a tidy penny or two. Not if you happen to have a few binder clips because if you do you can make your very own iPad or tablet holder or dock.

Complex Smartphone Dock.

Similar to the earlier Smartphone dock we showed you but this smartphone dock looks pretty nifty with the Apple iPhone.

Desk Cable Tidy.

We all know it is one of the most annoying things in life when we disconnect a wire from something on our desk and the wire or cable falls down the back of the desk. Why not use a binder clip to solve that frustrating problem?

Replacement Foot For Keyboard.

We have all probably had a computer keyboard which has had one of the feet break off on it. That is easy enough to fix with nothing more than a binder clip.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer.

One of the most stressful things in my morning routine happens to be going to brush my teeth only to find out someone has squeezed the toothpaste from the top of the tube. Luckily for anyone else who has this problem all you need to solve that is a binder clip used just like in the photo below.


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