The 30 Absolute Best Things in the World

We have said it before and we will say it again. There are some things in life that are just so much better than others. Like the little things in life that just make life so perfect.

Here we look at the 30 Absolute Best Things in the World ever. Please feel free to add your own suggestions and share with your friends to put a smile on their face.

30. When you keep talking through a yawn and your friend still understands you.

If you keep talking when you are yawning it stands to reasons that most people won’t be able to understand you but if someone does manage to understand you it just shows that they really were to listening to what you were talking about.

29. The moment the lights dim at the cinema.

We all know how frustrating it is trying to kill time as we wait a movie to start. In many cases it can seem like a lifetime and in most cases you can hear the sigh of relief through the cinema as the lights finally dim.

28. Theme songs from 90’s sitcoms.

Think back to the 90’2 when sitcoms were cool and every one of them had a really catchy theme tune. I’m not talking about theme tunes like the one from Friends I am talking about theme tunes from classic sitcoms like Cheers, Rosanne, Home Improvements, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and The Wonder Years. The list goes on.

27. Taking a massive dump.

At the risk of sounding just a little bit crude you really cannot beat that moment when you finally let go of a huge dump especially if you happen to have been holding on to it for an hour or so and it does not even touch the sides as it escapes.

26. Finding your name on a novelty item in a gift shop.

We all know that most gift shops stock plenty of useless tacky products that no one is ever likely to use yet we still insist on buying junk from them whenever we happen to pass by one. Then we all know the moment of blind panic if we can’t find a pencil or a mug with our name on then the moment of relieve that washes over you as you finally find the one that has your name.

25. Getting into a bed when it’s freezing outside.

It is hard to beat the sensation when it is cold outside in the middle of winter and you jump into bed. At first it is cold but it feels amazing as your own body heat begins to warm your bed up with you in it.

24. Just staring up at the sky.

It does not matter if it is daytime or night time we all love just lying on our backs and staring up at the sky. If it is daytime you may sit and make different shapes from the clouds and if it is night time you may sit and watch stars millions of miles away and wonder if any have life on them. Staring at the sky makes most of us relax and slip into a relaxing daydream that is impossible to replicate.

23. Choosing the right thing to unplug from a jumble of wires.

We’ve all been in a situation where we have gone to unplug an electrical appliance but been unsure which plug it is we need to unplug. Just think of the last time you tried to unplug your DVD player and the spaghetti junction of wires behind your television. It is always somewhat satisfying to get the correct plug on the first try.

22. Picking off a scab.

It may well sound gross but a scab is one of those things that can sometimes be just too tempting to leave alone. It is great to pick off any scab but even more satisfying to pick off a scab that is ready to come off.

21. Finding an old toy from your childhood.

Most of us will remember a favourite toy from when we were a child and we all tend to forget about them as we grow up. It is amazing the memories that come flooding back when find an old toy that never used to leave our sides.

20. Popping a really big zit.

Picture the scene. You are stood in front of the mirror and you begin to squeeze that big sit on your chin. As you apply the pressure the pus begins to press towards the edge of the zit then finally it bursts and the pus fly’s out.

19. Spinning in an office chair for no reason.

Even as a fully grown adult it is great to sit in an office chair and spin around and around. It must be the fact that it is a close to acting like a child that we can easily get to.

18. Taking all the free stuff from your hotel room.

Well, you have paid for it so you have the right to take it. Even if you have an ample supply of soap in your own home few people can resist taking freebie soaps that are the size of a paracetamol.

17. Watching your favourite movie with someone who has not seen it before.

If you have a favourite movie you have probably seen it 100 times and are still not bored with it. Nothing beats the excitement of watching your favourite movie with someone who has never seen it before.

16. Fixing electrical things by hitting them.

When something goes wrong with one of our electrical devices it can be all too easy to panic because we know that we are either going to have to replace the appliance or pay a hefty repair fee. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you hit the said electrical appliance and it suddenly comes back into action. Panic over!

15. Seeing old people in love.

It is hard to not feel there is something great about life when you see an old couple who are still in love as much as they were decades ago.

14. When you officially become girlfriend and boyfriend.

There is so much hope and so many dreams at this time in our lives.

13. Finally remembering something you have been trying to remember for ages.

It can be one of the most frustrating things when we are trying to remember something that should be really obvious. Maybe it is the name of an actor or where you know someone for. It might take you days and days to remember but it is so satisfying when the penny finally drops.

12. Stretching your legs after a really long ride in the car.

On any long car ride it can start to get so uncomfortable that you struggle to sit still as you desperately try to find a comfortable position. The relief is like no other when you finally get out of the car and can move freely again.

11. The first bite of chewing gum.

The idea of chewing gum is all well and good but it quickly loses its flavour and once you start chewing it you will never get back to the flavour you get from that very first bite.

10. A thank you wave when you let someone merge in front of you.

It always feels good to have someone acknowledge your good deep.

9. Going through a carwash with young children.

A car wash may be the simplest of things but to a young child it can be a really exciting experience.

8. A three month pay check.

It can be a real pain in the bum to go to work day after day and week after week but know you are going to be paid after three months. Everyone else is getting paid weekly or monthly and you feel like you are going to work for nothing. It all becomes worthwhile when you finally get three months of money in your hand all at once.

7. Fantasies.

Your fantasies are yours and in them you can be anything you want and anywhere you want. There are no limits and everything is as you wish it to be.

6. A lot of people at your birthday party.

Having lots and lots of people at your birthday party is great for making you feel really popular even if you do not know all the people there.

5. Driving through your old neighbourhood and stopping outside your old house.

There is nothing like a trip down memory lane especially if it is visiting memories from your childhood. After all your childhood is probably the most influential part of anyone’s life as it moulds us into the people we are as adults.

4. Crossing off the last thing on your list.

A “to do” list is a great way of making sure that you do not forget any of the tasks you have to do and if you happen to have a very long list you can’t help but smile as you put a really big satisfying cross across the last thing on your list.

3. Collapsing on your bed when you are totally exhausted.

If you have been working hard all day and progressively feeling more and more tired hour by hour it is fantastic to stand next to your bed, dead on your feet, and just fall on to your bed. After all you have been dreaming of that moment for hours.

2. Today.

Today is great. Everything from yesterday is forgotten and today you have an endless amount of possibilities.

1. Anything you want it to be.

The wonderful thing about our number one entry is that you get to choose what it can be for you. The number one entry on any chart is always going to be disputed among the people so it is only the greatest thing in the world if you yourself chose it.

The greatest thing in the world is unique and special to you.

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