19 Ridiculous Things that Happen in Every Movie

There are some things about movies that exist only in the world of movies. I am talking about the fact that in a movie your hair will always remain perfectly styled even after falling into water and your clothes will dry within seconds.

Here we take a look at 19 things that only happen in the movies.

1. If a woman is alone and hears a noise, she will go and check it out in her most revealing underwear.

2. If you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you meet will know the dance moves and join in.

3. When you turn the light off and go to bed, everything in your room will remain visable, just slightly blush.

4. Nearly everyone speaks English, regardless of where they are from. Even aliens from outer space, despite they have never been to Earth, seen an earthling, or even heard of Earth or earthlings.

5. Every grocery bag contains at least one French loaf.

6. All police investigations require at least one trip to a strip club.

7. The Eiffel tower is visable from every window in Paris.

8. Every clock and watch is sycronised to the second.

9. Ventilation systems in buildings are the greatest hiding places and allow you to travel to any part of a building totally undetected.

10. Any car that crashes will instantly burst into flames and explode.

11. Lipstick will never rub off even under water.

12. If you ever find yourself in a martial arts fight and are severely outnumbered your opponents will patiently wait to attack you one by one dancing around in a threatening manner  until you have knocked out their predecessors.

13. An electric fence that is powerful enough to kill a dinosaur will cause no lasting damage to an eight year old child.

14. A computer disk will work in any computer regardless of the computers software and operating system.

15. Regardless of how fuzzy a photo may be you can always zoom in and reveal the most tiny details.

16. Police departments give police detectives personality tests to make sure they are partnered with someone who is their polar opposite.

17. All phone numbers begin with 555.

18. You are always able to park outside every building you visit.

19. A cough is usually a sign of terminal illness.

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Vern says:

With regards to the electric fence, they aren't intended to kill what they're keeping in, they're intended to make the fence unpleasant so the animals don't try to escape. When you consider how much those dinosaurs cost, it's highly unlikely that they'd want to electrocute them.

As for CDs and DVDs, if they're data discs then yes, they will work on any system regardless of the operating system as they all use the same data format: UDF.

Joe says:

The phone numbers were created that way so movies wouldn't give out a real phone number…

O.G. says:

Well then I guess this needs to be re-titled because eight year old children touching Electric fences that would harm or kill a dinosaur doesn't happen in every film. This is more of a, "19 things that only happen in movies" rather then, "19 Ridiculous Things that happen in every movie."

Madara says:

this is stupid and pointless

Willa says:

Great, but you forgot the apple cart. Every car/foot chase will crash into a street vender and spew fruit/flowers/baskets into the street.