13 Toys You Threw Away that are Worth a Fortune

I am sure I am not the only one who has thrown a huge number of old toys out once I grew up. Toys like the original Star Wars figures which are worth a scary amount of money.

Star Wars figures are not the only toys which are hugely collectable and very valuable. In fact there are quite literally hundreds of toys that you probably once owned and threw away but are worth more than you care to imagine. Here we take a look at some of the most valuable toys that you threw away.

He-Man Skeletor and Villains Action Figures (Mint Condition): $4,995.00

Transformers Optimus Prime Truck: $2,795.00

Nintendo Gameboy: $750.00

Stretch Armstong (set of 7 figures): $17,800.00

Cabbage Patch Kid: $2,000.00

My Little Pony: $599.99

Pair of Care Bears: $1,200.00

G.I. Joe Cobra Ninja Action Figure: $3,995.00

Rainbow Brite Doll: $315.00

Teddy Ruxpin with Cassettes: $459.00

Plush Barney: $499.99

Sega Genesis Console: $1,899.99

Furby (in box, but not mint): $499.99

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Chris says:

I don't have any of my toys left, I played with them and eventually broke them, sometimes on purpose. I always feel slightly sad about toys being bought and played with.

wefsdf says:

I totally still have my sega genesis

Sophie says:

I still have a game boy. I keep it in my bathroom and play it when I crap.

SaladFork says:

I still have a barney plush, didn't think it was worth diddley.

jess says:

I have two of these toys still :)

Tim says:

Why do people make up this kind of crap? Seriously… You can buy boxed gameboys for less than $50.. I can also guarantee you that the Optimus Prime will not net you anywhere near $100 as is. Mint Condition reaching over $1000 is not going to happen.
Why do people Mark these bogus sites on StumbleUpon!?!?

linziloop says:

This is all a load of BS, none of these items are worth anything NEAR what you're saying, lol! Suckers!

Sara says:

Wow… I still have my game boy!!!!!! Its in mint condition… I don’t have the box though…

Dave says:

I wouldn't pay a dime for them old toys, things are just things. They were fun back then, but I guess I like some other kind of toys now.

Sarah says:

My Grandma uses those same He-man villains to scare birds away from her porch. Who knew?

kurisu7885 says:

Just my opinion, but, I think a more accurate title would be "13 toys your parents threw away that are worth a fortune"

tim says:

we must be on hard times for any of these prices to be considered worth a fortune. super lame

Joe Proctor says:

So I'm guessing you spend 17,000 on a daily basis Mr. big shot? Judging by how you're sitting down looking at these type of stuff on the internet, that's really hard to believe. Just shut the hell up and say thank you for posting good info.

Bob says:

The average American makes like $45,000 a year. Some of these are more than a month's salary.