12 Strangely Impressive Weird Toilets

Most people enjoy making a statement with the way they decorate certain rooms in their homes but few people are prepared to make a bold statement with a unique toilet. Take a look at these really bizarre yet cool toilets.

1. NoMix Toilets

This toilet differentiates between solid and liquid wastes. The liquid waste is recycled and used to flush the solids. Resultantly a lot of water is saved from being wasted on flushing. This toilet design has been adopted in 7 European countries.

2. Men’s Room Murual

An all-women run company hires an all-women run interior designing firm to design their offices even the mens toilets. As you can see each toilet stall has an image of a woman looking at the person using the stall. This design is actually a joke on men who like to keep to themselves in toilets, not converse, and prefer to not have people look at them.

3. Stefano Giovannoni Washlet

Perhaps the most facilitating toilet, this design comes with a self-cleaning washing wand, a heated seat, a deodorizer and remote control.

4. Swiss Public Toilet

This toilet is a basically a functional art piece situated in Basle, Switzerland. The city has a long tradition of modern designs and this toilet is no different. The walls of the toilet are made of a special type of glass; this glass is reflective from the outside and transparent from the inside. The person using the toilet can clearly see what is happening outside but the outsiders cannot see the person using the toilet.

5. Guitar Toilet Pot

The guitar design has no actual functionality. What it does do however, is inspire bathroom singers into focusing on their singing by channelizing their thoughts towards music.

6. Fish Tank Toilet

If you are a fish lover and have fit aquariums in every corner of your house, then you will surely appreciate this toilet. The aquarium covers the outside of the toilets tank. The fish water and tank water always remain separate, of course.

7. Seattles $89,000 Public Toilet

You will find these toilets in Seattle and they cost the city $89,000 each. These public toilets feature graffiti, impact-resistant stalls, programmed doors, faucets, dryers, soap dispensers, and also an integrated emergency 9-1-1 button.

8. Naoto Fukasawa and Panasonic Toilet

This ultra-modern looking toilets are not only great looking but also super-functional. They are made of organic glass, are very easy to install, feature innovative heat recycling, and save energy plus water they save almost 60% water.

9. Japanese Robo-Toilets

This modern toilet from Japan features automatic washing and drying once a person is done answering the call of nature.

10. On-Target Urinal

Especially when it comes to bars, people create a big mess urinating when they are under the influence of alcohol. This toilet design helps ensure that no mess is created and urine ends up where it should.

11. HT4 Concept Toilet

Currently this toilet is a concept but its benefits are obvious. Targeted at handicapped people, the toilet features an ergonomic design and many safety features along with supports which people can hold while shifting from wheelchair to the toilet.

12. Unisex Toilet

This toilet design has a toilet seat which can be put up for men and down for women. This simple design is very practical and design itself ensures cleanliness.

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